Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Build Trust


Trust is an important leadership component. Getting your team to follow your lead is not always an easy task. Once trust is lost, it is extremely difficult to rebound. Trust encompasses elements such as EMPATHY, RESPECT, HUMILITY, COMPETENCE and CONSISTENCY. Trust is about building relationships with individuals as well as the entire team. It is important to remember that is is not about you, it is about serving the people around you. That is the essence of leadership and how you get people to follow.

Building trust also has to do with being self-less. If the team wins, they should receive the gratification. As a leader, your gratification is in the difference you made in these athletes’ lives. If the team loses, it is important to take responsibility as the leader. It is not helpful to point fingers and blame others. Admitting mistakes and looking to improve yourself will help in building the trust of your team.


1.) Get feedback

2.) Be confident

3.) Be punctual

4.) Be consistent

5.) Get to know them

6.) Have empathy

7.) Be understanding

8.) Show humility

9.) Possess the knowledge

10.) Communicate