Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Be Passionate


PASSION is an intense emotion that compels action. When we feel passionate about our vision it provides us with an unequaled source of energy. Passion relates to ENERGY and contributes to really gaining control of your life. Passionate people have DESIRE and SINCERE ENTHUSIASM for what they are delivering and who they are delivering for. Passion truly works when you are emotionally connected to what you want or desire to happen. It can turn a challenge into a tremendous opportunity. Passion fuels success!

Having a positive outlook on life is important in developing passion. A passionate person is genuine. Passion is communicated through clarity, intensity, commitment and authenticity, regardless of your delivery style. Whatever your style of communication, passion is the power to move people. Passionate people tend to have HOPE and FAITH. These are necessary in elevating your passion. Hope is trying something new and believing a positive outcome will occur. Faith is trusting that your preparation has paid off.



1.) Discovering work that excites you

2.) Find ways to make your life exciting

3.) Don’t be afraid to take risks to pursue your dreams

4.) Learn, grow, explore, re-invent youself

5.) Build self-efficacy or confidence