Friday, January 19th, 2018

San Francisco State KIN 331 W Fall 2014


Upload your videoclip choice for peak performer. Write a brief description of why you chose the person and why the clip is relevant.

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  • David Henriquez

    This video is related to peak performance because of the hard work and dedication Jerry Rice instilled in himself. He wanted to get better and better every year. Another reason was so that he would always remain the starter, and that he did. His peak performance was to stay at his top shape and be able to go all four quarters with maximum energy. While everyone else was tired in the fourth he was ready for the next explosive play. That’s what made him different, his condition and speed. He was always on top even during his later years. Being in top physical condition really paid off for his peak performance because he set touchdown records and is in the hall off fame being the GOAT of receivers. Even after he is retired he is still at the top of his shape. And that is why he was able to reach his peak.

  • Jacqualynn Metcalf

    This is part one of Anna Deavere Smith’s Fires in the Mirror. There are six parts total, all of which can be seen on youtube. She conducted interviews with people from a neighborhood in Brooklyn after an accident that lead to four days of riots and used these as inspiration for a play. Not only is it amazing that she wrote such a great piece of literature, but she also plays every single one of the people who are featured in the piece. This shows her skills as a peak performer because getting into character to portray another person accurately is a tough task and it is even more difficult to become multiple different people in one play. She did such a wonderful job at correctly representing these people that when some of them came to see the premiere, they were blown away by how she picked up on subtle things such as little gestures they naturally do in conversation.

  • Philip S

    This video was a short documentary about Dan Green, an elite power lifter sponsored by Animal Sports Nutrition. I consider Dan Green to be one of my favorite powerlifters and a peak performer because of the strong values he upholds. His ability to not only lift extraordinary numbers, but inspire others through example sets him apart from other elite power lifters. Dan Greene is a strong representation of what it means to be intrinsically motivated. I like to think of him as a quiet dominator. He doesn’t achieve greatness for an external reward, but rather because he has a driving force within himself to consistently and constantly improve. His humility and humbleness inspires me to do greater things and strive for personal self-improvement. In the video he discusses that we’re all the same; we’re all flesh and blood. This spoke to me because it proves that the only separating factor between someone who has the potential to be great and someone who is great, is simply their willingness to work hard. Dan Green is one of my favorite power lifters not because he is a champion, but because he’s a humble champion.

  • John Morales

    The person that I chose for a peak performer is Manny Pacquiao because he is an example of a person who worked really hard to become the person that he is right now. Not only is he a great athlete but a lot of Filipino people look at him as a hero and inspires them to be the best that they can be. This video shows Manny talking about the impact of the support that he has received from his countrymen and how this has motivated him to perform at a higher level every time he gets in the ring because he knows that he is representing the entire country. What I like about him is that even though he’s been on top of the food chain, he never got cocky and remained true to who he is and stayed humble. Manny Pacquiao’s passion for the sport makes him a great athlete, champion and a peak performer.

  • Ashton Smith

    Sam Hill has taken many world cup titles for downhill mountain biking. Being a one man sport, he is either in the zone and at peak performance, or else he loses. There is no team to compensate for him, no backup guy, nothing. Also, racing in always changing conditions, at top speeds, and all of the time, he risks his life almost every day. Although he is not my favorite athlete, I thought this would be a good video to share because it best represents the type of riding that I enjoy, and that I compete in.

    -Ashton Smith

  • Grey Sanderson

    I chose this video clip because for one, I am a Lakers fan, but most importantly, because I believe it shows a true example of grit and determination by one of the most mentally tough athletes to ever play., Kobe Bryant. The stage is game 7 of the nba finals, two of the most storied franchises in sports that have a rivalry that dates back to the 1950′s. Although i’m sure Kobe felt the pressure of the match-up – as it shows in his 6 out of 24 made field goals – he shows true determination in other facets of the game, securing 15 rebounds and doing everything he can to help his team win. It shows that even if you aren’t performing physically in a way you might like, you can always have peak performance in the mental aspect of the game with determination and effort.

  • Tristan Tomas

    Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is considered to be one of the best athletes that we have today. Holding an undefeated record of 47 – 0, in a physically demanding sport, boxing. Regarded as one of the top 3 greatest fighters of all time, his strategic style and ability to adapt to his opponents fighting, allows him to constantly defeat any competition. Although, at times, he gets involved matters that are controversial, when it comes to boxing Mayweather’s dedication and commitment to the sport, separates him from the rest of the boxers. Maintaining his pristine conditioning, or peak performance is a priority for Mayweather. Currently, even without sponsors, he is ranked as the highest paid athlete in the World.

  • Sara S

    The athlete I chose as a peak performer is High School Senior and Cross Country runner Kayla Montgomery from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Her athletic statistics are quite impressive and surely enough to qualify her as a peak performer; she won the Class 4A individual state championship finishing with a time of 17:29.12recording the fastest time in history by a non-qualifying female athlete for the national Foot Locker Cross Country Championships. Not only does she dominate on the running course but she maintained an outstanding 4.64 weighted GPA in the classroom. While all of these statements are admirable, she has also achieved all of these successes while being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She can’t feel the pain in her leg due to neurons in her body not receiving proper messages and she understands that sometime soon, she will be bound to a wheelchair and unable to walk. With the pressure of losing your legs, the pressures of being in high school, and the pressures of being an athlete in general, she is still well known and recognized for her humble and exemplary character. Her disease does not hinder her performance but it motivates her, all while maintaining a positive attitude and being a leader for her teammates and others who witness her in general. She is an inspiration, a national competitive athlete, and a Peak Performer.

  • Stacey DeMartini

    The peak performer I chose is Buster Posey. He has been around in MLB for a significant time now and it seems when people hear the San Francisco Giants, he is one of the top players that comes to mind. Just like any other Giant’s fan, I really admire Buster Posey for all the hard work he has done and the excellent player he is. I chose Buster Posey because I felt like I could almost connect to him. I too was a catcher while I was playing softball for 10 years and I completely understand the amount of work and practice it takes to be on top and the leadership it takes to control the game. Playing in the Major League is a completely different atmosphere however, we were both working for the same goals. He also batted 4th in the lineup and I did too during my softball career. Everyone relies on you for not only base hits but RBI’s and home runs. It can become hard to execute at times like this and I noticed whenever I was in a batting slump so was Posey and whenever I was hitting well so was he. It was honestly coincidence however I felt as if i could relate to his situation. His performance connects to our class because he shows leadership out on the field. Communication is a huge part of being the catcher, not only relaying the signs to the pitcher but to your players as well. You have the best view of the field so the more communication the better. I also see him in the zone during games and sometimes you can see when he is experiencing flow both catching and hitting. I chose this video because you can see how Buster Posey started out. He became a catcher in college which is really rare but awesome that he just put the gear on tried it out. That was similar to my experience, however when I first started playing I just put the gear on and it was a perfect fit. His experiences reminded me that even though you have never tried it doesn’t mean you won’t be good at it. He would never be where he is today unless he took that risk.

  • Deepak Rattu

    The person I chose as my peak performer is Jackie Chan as he was a peak performer in many different areas.

    Jackie Chan is a huge icon, important to the martial arts world. He was a true martial artist.He was able to master many different forms of martial arts while putting his own twist on classic fighting styles and also including prop use to fight successfully. To practice martial arts at the level that he did in his prime took a lot of effort, determination, focus, and practice. He was a true peak performer of martial arts in this sense – always ready to fight and perform.

    Because he was so great at his art, he started to make movies and was highly praised. He became one of the biggest and most successful martial artists, traveling from China to America and experiencing all parts of the world. No matter how crazy the stunt or how crazy the script, he was able to provide whatever was required from him when filming. He became widely acclaimed for his movies and even became a peak performer in the film industry.

    He also became known for his voice and was also a musical artist and became a peak performer in that. But the only thing Jackie Chan wasn’t a peak performer in was English.

  • Mayra B.

    The person that in my perspective is a great example of a peak performer is Oprah Winfrey. She is a woman who has ambition and drive. She motivates many of us with her words and through her story. Her life wasn’t always easy; she had to deal with a lot of barriers growing up. She was sexually abused as a child and was reported molested by multiple family members multiple times. At the age of 14 she gave birth to a child who passed away just a few days after. But even with all these obstacles she didn’t think twice about overcoming them and seeing that she was put here for a reason and that she shall find what it was. And as she grew older and went to school she found that her passion was to be on television. Being on TV she had to also deal with a lot of criticism about her weight and race but she never let it get to her and now is the creator and star of her own network. This video clip of Oprah Winfrey relates to the purpose of our class because it shows what a true peak performer is and how we
    can get to that level.

  • RoseB.

    Despite being born with no right hand Jim Abbott pitched a no-hitter for the New York Yankees in 1993. He was the winning pitcher for the U.S. in the gold-medal victory over Japan in the 1988 Olympics. He had a 10-year career in major league baseball playing for the Angels, White Sox, brewers and the Yankees. Not only was he a great athlete but he is an inspiration. He proved how anyone can overcome adversity. He challenged perceived limitations and battled the odds against him. He accomplished things no one thought possible. He currently works as motivational speaker encouraging others to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. He believes the challenges he faced made him a better person and sometimes adversity can be a good thing.

  • Saldy Santos

    Marshawn Lynch is an impeccable peak performer. Growing up with without a father and in low living conditions, pushed through the adversity life threw at him and became a Super Bowl winning athlete. Lynch didn’t let the negative surroundings he was engulfed in while in his youth consume him from reaching his goal in becoming one of the best running backs in the NFL. Even though he is at his position in being a great athlete he continues to be humble and lets his performances on the field speak for themselves. In my opinion, he is one of the realest people out there in professional athletics.

  • Jonathan Uy

    Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is my peak
    performer. He was drafted seventh overall by the Warriors in 2009. Ever since then he has been improving every year due to his ability to play more minutes over the years. When he first joined the NBA, he was a very lousy defender and would always get his ankles hurt. Due to his ankle injuries, he wasn’t able to play as many games on the season as he would have liked. Now that he is a developing All-Star point guard, many people have become big fans of him. He gained so many votes during the 2013-2014 season that he was given the chance to start at point guard during the All-Star game. One of the reasons why he is praised so much is because of his, quick and smooth release when he shoots the ball. Curry has become one of the best three pointers to have come after Ray Allen’s era. He eventually broke Ray Allen’s most 3 pointers in a season during the 2013 season. Now he is still with the Warriors and still has a lot of room to grow, as a defender and becoming a smarter player.

  • Robby Merhige

    Madison Bumgarner is my peek performer from the World Series Champion San Fracisco Giants. He has pitched in all 3 of the World Series victories for the Giant in 2010, 2012, and 2014. He is a very dominant pitcher in the regular season but in the October Madbum becomes and animal. In 2010 he was a rookie and pitched Game 4 in the World Series and gave the Giants a win. In the 2012 World Series he pitched Game 4 and pitched 7 shutout innings. In 2014 he pitched a complete game and closed out Game 7 to the give the Giants there third World Series title in five years.

  • Robby Merhige

    Madison Bumgarner is my peek performer from the World Series Champion San Fracisco Giants. He has pitched in all 3 of the World Series victories for the Giant in 2010, 2012, and 2014. He is a very dominant pitcher in the regular season but in the October Madbum becomes and animal. In 2010 he was a rookie and pitched Game 4 in the World Series and gave the Giants a win. In the 2012 World Series he pitched Game 4 and pitched 7 shutout innings. In 2014 he pitched a complete game and closed out Game 7 to the give the Giants there third World Series title in five years.

  • Omid Kazemi

    This is the guy who at the age of 11, was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. People have claimed he will never be a professional footballer. He overcame those odds to be best footballer in the world.
    Despite being small and lightweight, Messi has the ability to use this to his advantage. His quick feet and gentle movements are a delight to watch. It’s a pleasure watching Messi play. I have seen him play live three times from when he was just a teenager to him being a father of his own. Messi is an all around player on and off the field. With all the attention he gets he always stays humble about his accomplishments.

  • Ives Ison

    The person I chose is Elliott Hules. Hulse grew up in a bad neighborhood, he played college football, became a strongman, and build his business from just a tire and a rope. Through the videos he has put online he has become an inspiration to many people he has never met. He has help many people become the strongest version of themselves, not only physically, but in all dimensions of health and wellness.

  • Kendal ten have-kurata

    Kelly Slater is a professional surfer and whom I chose as my peak performer. The amazing aspect to Kelly Slater as a peak performer is that he’s 41 years old. Most surfers hit their peak performance around 30 who are also hoping for their “20 year old body” again, but Slater is 41 and still excelling. He’s been crowned the ASP World Tour Champion a record 11 times, including 5 consecutive titles. He is the youngest (20) and the oldest (39) to ever win the title. In 2005 at the Billabong Tahiti Pro contest Slater became the first surfer ever awarded two perfect scores for a total 20 out of 20 points under the ASP two-wave scoring system. It is clear that Slater excels under pressure and nothing phases him through his everlasting surfing career.

  • Jeffrey Masubuchi

    For a peak performer i choose VIncent Kompany a centre-back that plays as a captain for Manchester City and the Belgium national team. Kompany plays at the heart of the defense in soccer where his roles are to stop the strikers from scoring. Even though he has his mistakes here and there he is more than a peak performer. It is his duty as a captain for a great club and a great national team to raise the whole teams heads up through win or lose. He has been a peak performer by leading Manchester City to two titles in three years in the Barclays Premier League. Kompany is a mastermind and he has the skills to stop the best forwards in the world. Not only is he great at defense but he has bagged more than 10 goals for city and a couple for his nation. To me whenever I Kompany play I see a true peak-performer where not just his skill but his attitude and mind can change the whole scenario of the game.

  • Aaron Young

    Sir Paul McCartney, one of if not the most successful musical performers ever. Not only did he have tremendous success with The Beatles, but went on to have a great solo career that is still going very well. He is a peak performer for many reasons such as, playing several instruments, selling out arenas, holding top record sales awards and being knighted. Also, for over 50 years Paul has devoted countless hours to being a master performer. In the linked video, he is interviewed about the making of his album Wings and the chaos that went into it. It goes in depth on overcoming problems during the recordings and going on produce massive hit singles.

  • Dario Fantella

    Not many athletes can compare to the legendary Javier Adelmar Zanetti. Zanetti is a former Argentine footballer who propelled his career while at Italian giants Internazionale, serving as captain from 1999 until his retirement in 2014 at the age of 40. Zanetti was most famous for his blaring runs down the flank of the pitch, showing not only great speed and ball control but also stamina and strength. Accumulating a staggering 714 professional appearances, 615 at Internazionale, and 145 for his native Argentina shows the professional mindset one must have to become a top tier athlete like himself. The off the field actions of Zanetti, such as his numerous accounts of charity work, prove that he is an overall well rounded person and a great role model to the countless who look up to him.

  • Daniel V

    I choose Ed McCafery as my peak performer. Former NFL wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. Ed had a great 13 year career as a wide out and sucessfully won 3 superbowl rings along the way. There were several season that Ed was the first reciever ever for the Broncos to have over 100 receptions in a season and when Rod Smith came they both had over 100 in one season. Ed was a pro bowl reciever in 1998 and finished his career with 55 Touchdowns and over 7000 yards. Ed wasn’t known for being the strongest or fastest WR, but he was know for having great hands and being a work horse. he wasn’t afraid to work harder than everyone else on the flies to be there. In 2001 on Monday night football McCaffery suffered a compound leg fracture during the game but that didn’t stop him from completeling the catch and finishing the play. He was an elite wide out and a huge contribution to the team.

  • Justin R.

    I chose BJ Penn, a professional UFC Fighter. He is the championship of 2 different weight divisions. He has competed in the two different weight divisions for 9 different years. Mixed Martial Artists spend many years of their lives trying to obtain the black belt of different types of martial arts. One of the main ones inlcudes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This martial requires skill, determination, and drive in order to be successful. In order for these fighters to be successful, they must spend endless years in training, even throughout the pain of being beat by their opponent. To continue to do well, in two different weight classes, this shows how brilliant and admirable this fighter is.

  • Jay B

    The peak performer I’m choosing for this assignment is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Russell played quarterback at 2 Division 1 schools, Wisconsin and NC State, before moving on to the NFL. Despite being only 5’11, which is not prototypical size for pro athletes, he also excelled at playing baseball and was drafted by a MLB team the summer before he entered the NFL Draft. The same night he was drafted by MLB, his father suddenly passed away. I find this really devastating because athletes work their whole lives to get to that point and to have that happen on the same night just seems really wrong. Although scouts were skeptical of Wilson’s size and abilities coming out of college, it was obvious that he possessed the right intangibles and leadership qualities that are necessary for the position. He was drafted in the third round of the draft by Seattle. The main messages behind this video is that you should be yourself and be on a constant quest for knowledge and do your best to be “uncommon”; doing things differently and doing things no one has ever done before and just trying to constantly improve your self and keep growing. He led his team to a super bowl victory over Peyton Manning and the Broncos in just his 2nd season in the league. This is especially impressive considering most quarterbacks drafted in the third round usually don’t make the team let alone end up starting and winning it all so soon. I think his success is due largely in part to his approach to the game as well as life and his intangible and cerebral abilities. I feel like his message in the video is real and is something we should all try to keep on our minds and try to emulate.

  • Malanie Foley

    The peak performer that I choose is Jonathan Toews. He is the captain of the Chicago Blackhawks and won 2 Stanley cups in 4 seasons. Even after he won his first championship his mindset was to keep trying to get better, to keep motivating himself and his teammates. As a leader he knows that he needs to work hard and that you win as a team and lose as a team. I consider him a peak performer because he is always trying to find a way to work harder and make himself and his team better. He leads by example and is one of the players that as a hockey player and a coach I look up to. This clip is an interview that he did where he talks about winning his second championship and talks about how he keeps himself in shape mentally and physically.

  • Supavadee K.

    The peak performer I choose is Bruce Lee. I believe that he is the definition of being a peak Performer. He is well known for not only working really hard physically, but also mentally as well. He was able to train himself physically,and mentally prepared his own personal philosophy. He came up with the idea that in martial arts, there should be no specific form, as when a fighter begins to use a specific form, that’s when they lose. Being in a fight is not about having perfect form, but adapting to the situation at hand. His philosphy in fighting helped form the sport of MMA. His form of thinking has become an inspiration to millions, even after death.

  • Ryan Barton

    The performer that I chose to represent peak performance is Steph Curry. I have been watching Steph play since his college days, and I have seen him progress more than any other nba player in my time. Going back to his high school days, Steph has always been looked at as too small and skinny to play on an elite level. He was only recruited to one small liberal arts school due to his stature. However he persevered and took this small school all the way to the elite 8 by his junior season, leading the nation in scoring. After he declared himself for the 2009 NBA draft, he heard more of the same criticisms that he had always heard, that he was not strong enough, not athletic enough, couldn’t play defense, etc. But he again persevered, and afer being picked 7th overall by the Golden Satte Warriors, he once again showed the world that he is bigtime. Now, after 6 seasons in the NBA, he is a superstar, and widely known as the best shooter in the game today. He shows a level of peak performance we don’t see in most athletes, truly making the most of his ability. I believe Steph Curry is the definiton of overcoming the odds, and I look forward to seeing what he has in store for us this season.

  • Allison Demadura

    The performer I choose to talk about right now is Stephen Curry. Before, he was just a rookie coming from a college. But now, through his experience with dealing with the crowd and the people, he has gotten motivated to be the best player out there. He has gotten a lot of attention because of what he has achieved. This relates to class because of his peak performance. He has gotten motivated and dealt with flow although he is just a player that came from a college. Curry is passionate on what he has done and also has taken the leadership role for his basketball team, the Golden State Warriors.

  • Guest

    The performance I decided to write about is James Joseph Brown, “The Godfather of Soul”. When discussing “Peak Performance” who else would be a better candidate to reference than James Brown? He made sure each song and/or performance was as close to perfection as possible. He is one of the very few individuals whose had the power to break numerous barriers and continuously be known one of the best performers throughout history.

  • Ayana Cruz

    - Ayana Cruz