Friday, January 19th, 2018

San Francisco State KIN 331 Spring 2016


First, register for the website. Then, upload your video clip choice for peak performer. Write a brief description of why you chose the person and why the clip is relevant. Make sure to include your name.

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  • Colette Wong
    peak performer that I chose was Stephen Curry from the Golden State
    Warriors. I chose him because he really inspired me to never give up
    even when people don’t believe in you. He started off young, but no one
    saw him as great. He was the least recognized. Everyone thought he was too small, but when he got a scholarship to Davidson, he wanted to show everyone that he was good. That is when people started seeing how good he was. He really worked his way up and he didn’t let anything or anyone stop him. Once he got drafted to the warriors, he was unstoppable. He is just a really inspiring person.
    Another reason why I chose him was because he worked really hard to succeed. At the Kobe Bryant Nike Skills academy, when everyone else was still in the locker room, he would be out shooting and practicing already. When the workout started, he already made a hundred shots. When the workout started, he made sure that he had form and if he didn’t, he would keep trying until he had good form. And he never left the court until he shot five free throws in a row. That shows how gritty he was. He was determined to succeed to matter what. And he practiced harder than anyone.
    Even when he hurt his ankle, he worked hard to try to get back into the game. He did everything he could, so he could play again. No one could stop him. He was really resilient. He wanted to show people that even though you go through some obstacles, you have to stay strong and get back up.
    He also did what he could to help his teammates. When the warriors play, they definitely work together. There are some teams where there are only one or two people that are really playing, but with the warriors, they all help each other out. They show the definition of a team.

    Colette Wong

  • Ingrid Del Angel

    Charles Wilson a former football player who was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the year 1998. Woodson played with the Raiders for seven years (1998-2005), he than was signed for a seven year contract with the Green Bay Packers. Where he than won the super bowl with the Green Bay Packers. He was also a successful athlete at a young age becoming the NFL defensive rookie of the year and been named in the Pro-Bowl. Woodson became recognized by a lot of people at a young age for his great defensive skills.

    I chose Charles Woodson as the peak performer because at a young age he was focus and committed to his sport. Playing for his high school and than becoming a started on the team after his first two freshman games at Michigan College, he started to break records as a college athlete. Woodson worked his way up as he played different levels but not only he became a better player but became a better person for himself and others.

    He worked his way in college in order to become one of the top picks and the NFL draft. Woodson became an elite player, but it took him years of practice and patience to be a hall of famer that he has become. One of the important characteristics that I liked about Woodson that helped him be a peak performer is been a leader. He put the team on his back, before each game he will give a speech to his teammates in order to pump them up and let them know that they were there “to take care of business and to do what they love to do.” His speech will inspire his teammates to give it their all in the game whether they won or lost. I could relate to him because as a soccer player I am the captain and I am the leader for my team and when my team is struggling I put the team on my back in order to inspire them to step up their game and to give it their all.

    Woodson suffer several injuries, where it made him developed a stronger mentality as a player. He knew in order to get back into the field and to do what he love he had to take care of himself and it showed that he was a peek performer because he never gave up and continue to be himself. Even though, Woodson knew that he didn’t accomplish what he wanted too with the Raiders he let his teammates know not to give up and told them he had fun throughout his career. Even though Woodson only won one Super bowl he was happy and always was himself around others, supporting, and teaching what he knew. I admire who he was as a player and it was amazing to always see him play for the Raiders.

    -Ingrid Del Angel

  • Paul Medeiros

    Jose Mourinho is ex-soccer manager for English giants Chelsea Football club. He is considered one of the greatest Managers in the last decade and in European History. In the past 16 years of coaching in the highest level of soccer he has won over 22 trophies and countless individual rewards. In these past years he has coached in four different leagues: Portuguese, English, Italian, and Spanish. While coaching in these different clubs and leagues he has won the league title, the associations cup, and the super cup. Mourinho’s greatest achievement was winning the European Championship twice and the Europa League once. His outstanding achievements do not define him as a great coach, but his leadership.

    Jose Mourinho started his career when he was a young boy growing up in Setubal Portugal. His Father was a professional goal keeper for the local club and the Portuguese national team. Growing up his desire was to be a professional footballer, but unfortunately he did not have that spark. He then turned his attention toward coaching. Mourinho quickly moved up in the ranks in Setubal landing a job as a translator for legendary player and manager Sir Bobby Robinson. Mourinho, would work with Bobby for next couple years watching and learning. Bobby mentioned, “He remembered, observed, and learned. He was an asset to my coaching staff.” Eventually, Mourinho would move on and become the coach for Portuguese club Porto. This is where he would permanently put himself on the map of European football.

    Throughout his managerial career ex and current players mentioned that Jose Mourinho was very different. He had high work ethnic demanding his players to do the same. Most importantly, his bond with his players are very strong. In a memorable scene with Jose departing Inter Milan to Spanish Giants Real Madrid. Mourinho was seen hugging and crying his players. Drogba, former Chelsea forward, says that Jose knew how the win the locker room. In other words, he was a master of getting rid of egos and melting the locker room to focus on one goal. Which was winning. Mourinho, is most noted for his winning mentality. In an interview with BTsports Jose says personality is key for a successful coach. Most importantly, winning the locker room so they play for each other.

    I chose Mourinho because he is my coaching idol. With what I learned in this class I feel Jose is a perfect demonstration of the 10 qualities of leadership. What makes Mourinho a peak performer is his drive to be the best and his togetherness. In other words, Jose built his career from the bottom of the ladder. He had to work countless hours to achieve what he has. Also, Mourinho is a mastermind of bringing people together. As a coach I feel it is the up-most important to build togetherness in squad. Unfortunately today, many coaches are encouraged to be “distant” from their athletes. The reason for this practice is to create focused players and an authoritarian coach. In my opinion, it diminishes the definition of a team. As seen with Mourinho building togetherness and trust is important in any team.

    ~ Paul Medeiros

  • Jamela Rabino

    The peak performer I chose is 20 year old R&B singer-songwriter, Kehlani Parrish. At such a young age, Kehlani has achieved notable recognition for her craft compared to those who have been in the music industry longer than she has. One of her greater accomplishments was being nominated for a Grammy Award for best urban contemporary album, however it was her MIXTAPE that was nominated, since she did not even have an album. This is just one example illustrating the qualities Kehlani obtains as a peak performer.

    One reason why I perceive Kehlani as a peak performer is because she is appreciative and humble about her fame and popularity. She knows she is successful, but she does not view herself as superior. She always takes the time to thank her fans by trying to interact with them as much as possible.

    Another quality she conveys is that she is goal-oriented. When she went on her first headlining tour, she had a sold out show. She also set a goal months in advance, saying that she would sell out her show in her hometown. When her tickets went on sale for her show in Oakland, they sold out in a matter of minutes. From that point on, Kehlani has accomplished so much by the age of twenty.

    Last, and definitely not least, Kehlani has always stayed true to herself. Her genuine and organic personality is what attracts people towards her. She always said to be unapologetic about life, and that’s what she does. Even in her music, she does what appeals to her and people love her for that. Her voice is different from contemporary music, but nostalgic of nineties R&B. Largely, it is her personality and mindset that speaks to me as a peak performer.

    Overall, the video below clearly exemplifies the characteristics of a peak performer. It discusses her rough childhood and how she is open about it and how those negative experiences shaped who she is today. It also examines how and what she did to get to where she is now.

  • Emily Abueg

    Yuzuru Hanyu currently sits at the top of Men’s Figure Skating. Despite the fact that he has asthma and may not look like one’s traditional image of an athlete, given his lean physique, he is a true peak performer.

    Hanyu gained international notoriety in men’s figure skating when he competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. During the men’s short program skating event, he became the first and only skater to score over 100 points, surpassing even veteran figure skaters like his idol and world-renown skater Evgeni Plushenko. From there, he went on to win the gold medal in the men’s free skate at Sochi, marking the first time an Asian country has one gold in Olympic men’s figure skating and, at 19-years-old, becoming only the second young man since 1948 to win the title. Yet winning Olympic gold was not easy; although he had a clean and artistically impressive short program, his free skate performance was riddled with little mistakes and a couple of falls, prompting him to fight to hang on to the leader’s position in a final competition filled with seasoned Olympic skaters.

    Since the 2014 Winter Olympics, Hanyu has continued to gain popularity in the world of men’s figure skating as well as improve in his technique. I chose Hanyu because in that time he has proven himself to be a true peak performer – one who is dedicated to his sport, determined to succeed, and resilient despite the difficulties he faces. And although he has accumulated much fame, I admire how Hanyu has remained humble and given his all in his performances for the sake of his fans. All of these qualities were exemplified especially when he competed in the 2014 Cup of China event in the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating. At the Cup of China, Hanyu was on the ice doing his warm-up with the other skaters who were to take part in the event’s final when he collided head on with another competitor. Judging by the video, it was a harsh collision with Hanyu coming out of a turn and, as he could not avoid the oncoming skater, he took a hard fall to the ice, cutting open his chin. He laid disoriented on the ice for a minute before the medical team scrambled to get to him.

    Given the severity of the accident, Hanyu should not have gone on to perform; however, the stands were packed with fans eagerly awaiting to see the reigning Olympic champion’s performance in the final. So, with his head wrapped in a bandage and the bandage on his chin already staining with still leaking blood, Hanyu came out for the final. As seen in the second video, skating had become an arduous task for Hanyu in his injured state. He fell five times over the course of the performance and many of the jumps that he did land were a bit wobbly. Still, Hanyu put all the emotion and energy he could muster into that passionate performance, to the appreciation of the spectators. When it ended and he had still managed to claim the first place spot with his presentation (i.e., artistic elements) score, Hanyu unabashedly shed his tears. With his down to earth attitude, passion, commitment, and other notable qualities I can say that Yuzuru Hanyu has revealed himself to be a peak performer.

    -Emily Abueg

  • Stephanie Medina

    Born July 28,1982 in Salinas, California is Cain Velasquez to a Mexican immigrant family from Jalisco. Growing up Cain was surrounded by the cabbage, lettuce, onion, garlic, and strawberry fields in which his parents worked in since they had immigrated to California from Mexico. He always found it difficult to reach out of his box that was labeled before he even knew his life had a label as a cabbage kid. Adding on, as he became involved in sports such as wrestling in high school, he was able to see the adversities he had to cross to become bigger and better in and out off the gym mats that allowed him to reach where he is today. Velasquez’s dad says his son’s blood is indigenous and native genetics of their ancestry of the Mexica people who possessed nothing but warrior blood. His father continued onto say, that because of his native genetics his physical performance in the cage is what has allowed him to be in top ranking in the UFC. As of January 2016, Velasquez has been ranked #15 in the pound for pound by the UFC and #1 as a heavyweight. He is currently holding a record of 13-2-0 (W-L-D) in the UFC and has been the Mexican-American to open the cage doors for many other Latino/a and Mexican/a fighters that are following his footsteps into MMA, boxing, and UFC. He is fighting from San Jose, California and has had a very successful peak performance due to his mental preparation along with a spiritual ritual a lot of Mayan and Aztecas did before war. He is proud of his roots and has become to be one of UFC’s best fighters. I have looked up to him and Tito Ortiz growing up because they are Mexican like me and there is a mutual understanding as to the hardships we go through growing up meanwhile sports have allowed us to express ourselves like anything else.

  • Lauren Torquato

    The peak performer I decided to write about is an on air radio personality, Bobby Bones. Although he is not an athlete, Bobby Bones is a perfect example of a peak performer. Bones currently working on several endeavors. One being his radio show, Bobby Bones, where he has a great group of friends who help him spread joy and positivity. His radio show is now Nationally Syndicated, and has close to 3 million listeners. He uses this platform to help raise money for a bunch of different organizations, donating over 300k to different charities such as Saint Jude, The Red Cross, and work in Haiti.
    Bobby Bones uses his platform to promote health, he is always encouraging fitness. Consideration for other people and their feelings, he often gives advice on his show, on how to deal with everyday life in a positive manner. He is a disciplined person, getting up every morning at 4:15 and punctuality, is always key for Bones. He no longer cusses, and is constantly trying to grow and become a better person. Bobby Bones admits he is no where near perfect, and he is constantly working on those flaws, and pushing to be on top of his field

  • Scott Leveau

    The peak performer I chose is baseball legend Jackie Robinson. Born January 31, 1919, in Cairo, Georgia, he was the youngest of five children. The south at that time, and for many years after, was extremely segregated and the divide was fueled by racism between black and white Americans. Despite his environment working against him and being debilitating to many of his fellow African Americans’ development, he thrived as an athlete during high school and junior college, where he was the star in numerous and diverse sport activities ranging from football to track, baseball to tennis. In 1938 he was even named his region’s MVP in baseball. Jackie Robinson was such a stellar athlete that he was invited to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany, where he won Silver in the 200-meter dash (finishing behind another American legend athlete Jesse Owens). He came back to attend UCLA and, like high school and junior college, thrived as an athlete in multiple sports. He became the first student at UCLA to earn varsity letters in four sports, but ultimately had to withdraw from UCLA due to financial issues. Think about it, this Olympic athlete who set numerous records at UCLA was left helpless financially, and had to drop out and was only able to find menial blue collar work.

    During WWII, he served as a 2nd Lt. in an all-black unit – as the military was still segregated at the time. He served his position dutifully, yet an event in 44’ almost led to his being jailed and being dishonorably discharged from the military. He refused to sit in the back of a segregated bus, where only whites could sit in the front, and his career was almost ruined because of it. However, because of his stellar record as an All-American athlete, and with the aid of the NCAAP, charges were dropped and he received an honorable discharge. Many believe the military appeased him because they didn’t want to deal with the negative publicity that he could bring them. Regardless of the reasons, his athletic talent constantly drew the attention of others, including baseball. He started in the Negro Leagues in 44’ (important to know that the MLB wasn’t operating during the War, and only the Negro Leagues and women were playing professionally), and let his talents raise his reputation to new heights in the baseball community.

    Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey took Robinson under his wing, and added him to the team where after playing in the minor league for a year, was brought up to the Dodgers and on April 15, 1947, became the first African American baseball player to ever start in the All-White league. Rickey warned Robinson of the inevitable racism that would ensue, and got Robinson to promise not to retaliate in any way. Rickey knew Robinson was special, due to his athletic background, college success, and military experience, and chose Robinson very carefully to be the person to break the barrier. Rickey nor Robinson never broke their promises to one another, and their friendship and loyalty grew over the years. Robinson experienced racist comments, items being thrown at him, and even other players (some on his team) treating him terribly, however, that never slowed Robinson.
    Racism, adversity, and lack of experience in that specific environment didn’t stop Robinson from winning Rookie of the Year (1947), National League MVP (1949), numerous World Series appearances, or World Series Champions (1955), and eventually being inducted into the Hall of Fame (1962). Ultimately, Robinson played a decade with the Dodgers, during which he constantly advocated for Black Civil Rights in Baseball, as well as for all African Americans alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Robinson was such a great peak performer because of his passion, focus, dedication, leadership, poise, and countless other traits that made him a true role model. He broke countless records on the field as well, which aided in him breaking the color barrier. This ties into why Branch Rickey chose Robinson, because he was an amazing and strong willed human being as well as an amazing athlete.

    Robinson is the peak performer I chose because at all times in his life, he overcame adversity while thriving at whatever he did. When he retired from baseball he continued to advocate for Civil Rights and even helped establish an all-black owned and operated bank in Harlem, NY, NY. Following his death in 1972, his wife created a scholarship in his name to help underprivileged students receive college education.

    Jackie Robinson is a true peak performer as an athlete, role model, and human being. Everyone that knew him said he could have been the best at any sport he chose, and not just because of his athletic talents, but because of his traits that made him a true role model. Jackie Robinson was driven by the golden rule in which he always sought to increase his talents and impact on others by finding new challenges and pursuing them with all his heart.

    I. (n.d.). Jackie Robinson Biography. Retrieved March 06, 2016, from

  • Felicia Rose Anselmo

    The peak performer I chose is Sophia Bush. She is known for her role as Brook Davis from One Tree Hill, one of my favorite TV shows. Aside from acting, she is also a spokesperson and an activist for different organizations, such as Pencils of Promise, a non-profit organization that builds schools and offer educational opportunities in various third world countries. She’s also heavily involved in politics, in which she made several appearances in support of Barack Obama. Sophia sets up fundraisers herself, such as a fundraiser to help people who live around the Gulf of Mexico, in which there was a big oil spill that happened. She’s not afraid to express her own feelings and concern for different issues that happen in the everyday world. For example, I follow her various social media accounts, and this is where she is not afraid to voice her opinion, such as her views on Donald Trump, in which she posted a picture of his face as a urinal and captioning it, “Potty mouth”. She uses social media to promote different fundraisers such as The Girl Project, a fundraiser that offers to help girls receive an education.

    As you can tell from the description above, Sophia Bush is not just some rich actress from Hollywood. What I love about her is that she’s not selfish, as in actually caring about issues that affect society as a whole. She’s a REAL person who actually cares. She doesn’t do all of these fundraisers and be part of organizations just for money. I honestly started following her after watching her on One Tree Hill, and became more interested in her when I found out she was involved with Pencils of Promise. I love the vision of this organization, and the fact that Sophia Bush is one of the main ambassadors for PoP means that she really values education, which is something that I believe every one should be entitled to receive. I feel as if that even though acting is her main job, sometimes I feel as if it’s the other way around – her job is to actually be part of all these fundraisers and organizations for the betterment of society.

    The video below is actually a clip of her being involved with Pencils of Promise. She is honestly one of the greatest role models I’ve witness, and I hope to be just as amazing and influential as her one day.

  • Darrien Parker

    The peak performer i choose to share with the class is Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo is a 31 year old professional soccer player from Portugal. Cristiano is known for being a very athletic soccer player with deadly pace and an eye of scoring goals. Ronaldo has won many individual and team awards with Manchester United and his current club Real Madrid. Ronaldo scores an insane amount of goals (including 4 goals in one game this past weekend) and is now the fastest player to ever score 250 goals in La Liga. The reason why I decided to talk about Ronaldo is because he is a hard working athlete who is motivated to be the best player in the world and has accomplished that a few times. Ronaldo’s rival Lionel Messi, is the currently the best player in the world and beating Ronaldo by winning that title 5 times to his 3. Ronaldo and Messi has both competed for the trophy the last 8 years, the longest in soccer history. Although Messi has won the award more times Ronaldo is always determined to go to the next level in training and at the gym. Messi is naturally gifted with the talent to play soccer while Ronaldo works on his physical aspects to become perfect, such as jumping high, sprinting, shot power etc. Ronaldo is also one of the best players on his National team, and occasionally carries them through important games with great performances, despite not being one of the best international teams in the world. Ronaldo is a perfect example of a peak performer because of how hard he works and how bad he wants to become a champion. He currently has 252 goals in 228 games which is absolutely unheard of. No one has scored as many goals per games as Ronaldo.

    The first video is a long video of scientist testing Ronaldo’s amazing athletic ability through various of difficult tests/courses. This video is effective at really bringing to light how amazing he is athletically. The second video below is a clip of his best moments with Manchester United when he was in his early 20′s! Manchester United plays in the English Premier league, the most competitive league in the world. To see him embarrass grown men with more experience is a joy to watch. Enjoy!

  • Bobby Do

    Kobe Bryant is a peak performer who I believe is a role model for the game of basketball. Watching him play for his final moments in the NBA has demonstrated his leadership skills toward his teammates. On Sundays game against the Warriors Kobe could have sat out with a sore right shoulder, but he managed to play his final game against the Warriors. This shows how much passion and love he has for basketball and his fans. When he drafted in 1996, he was only 18 years old. I see Kobe having a vision when he had the opportunity to play for the lakers. After 4 season he won 3 of his championships back to back in 2000-2002, than another 2 in 2009-2010.

    I chose Kobe Bryant because he was similar to Michael Jordan, they were both competitive peak performers. Kobe was also someone who was always compared to Michael Jordan as to who is better. I choose this clip because it talks about Kobe with Jordan similarity. Kobe was recognized as good basketball player in high school and people believed he had the skills to play in the NBA. In the clip he mentioned how he started to play when he was 5 years old and being able to watch his father.

  • ali LIIKALA
    Here is Bethany Hamilton a peak performer professional surfer. Bethany is a hero to me because not only does she love to charge waves but she was attacked by a shark who took her arm off. Bethany has been surfing since she was 3 or 4 years old and started competing as well. She loves the sport and she continued just two weeks after loosing over 60% of her blood in the attack. I have a lot of heroes and even can find heroes in just about anyone so I actually just researched this wave warrior and was taken away. As an amputee myself, it is great to see someone out in the open about their situation. As Bethany became instantly famous, she stood out as a great role model for people everywhere as a true peak performer because she was optimistic, shared her experience with others, and took on a challenge of a life time. The video is relevant because it is a short history of Bethany talking about her experience.

    Albina Liikala
    KIN 331

  • Nancy Chen

    Klay Thompson is a peak performer from the Golden State Warriors. He won the 2016, 3 point contest against one of his team mates who was known as one of the best NBA 3 point shooter. In the clip they asked the splash brother who would win the 3 point contest and both of them believed that they had the opportunity to win the contest. Klay has self confidence on winning the 3 point contest. On the second round of the 3 point contest Klay knew he had to make 23 shots to beat Steph, with no pressure he was able to pull it off with his last rack of money ball. I find Klay competitive while under pressure. He had a vision to win in 2016 since he lost last year.

  • Natasha Situmeang

    Kobe Bryant is a peak performer because of his drive in basketball. He is fearless and isn’t scared to try any type of dunk or play. He is very focused in the game and has a strong mentality. He is highly motivated and goes to great lengths to be the best. When watching this clip, he clearly demonstrates a great all around player from his highlights. It clearly shows how much of a hard worker he is, including the motivation he has in the game. There are many moments where he makes difficult decisions and still continues to impress everyone in the game. Kobe always manages to make shot after shot even in the most hectic games. He stands up for his teammates and is very conscious of them. He’s protective of them in order for them to win. He is a great role model because he brings his best performance even when his team is in any hard situation. Every game is always exciting to watch because of his attitude and skills. Kobe is one who leads by example and is a very enjoyable guy to watch play the game.

  • Christopher Mattis

    The man born with ice in his veins, Robert Horry to me is a peak performer since he had an excellent career in the NBA finishing with 7 championships. With all of those championships he played a major role in each. His role was the clutch time performer. He was not the star player, yet he did everything to help the team be success. Horry was a part of 3 great teams that won multiple championships. 2 championships with the rockets 94,95, hitting clutch shots on a team called “clutch city”. 3 championships with the lakers (shaq and kobe) 2000,01,02. With the Lakers Horry bailed them out many of times with clutch game sealing shots. 2 championships with the spurs in 05,07. His clutch shooting is still remembered in Detroit from the 05 finals. To be a clutch performer it takes a lot of practice but also an ability to be relaxed in tense situations. His jumpshot was doubted but he put in the work to get a consistency, and that skill ended up being the defining thing in his career. He went from being doubted to being well known. I believe the ultimate key to success for Horry was his confidence on and off the court. Horry knew his limitations and that he had a certain role. His role lead to championships. Horry was a great teammate and gave the team energy. Horry will always be remembered as one of the most clutch players in the NBA. I am thankful I got to witness it.

  • Gabrille Roa

    My chosen peak performer is not an outstanding athlete, amazing singer or rapper, nor is he the greatest leader of all time. My chosen peak performer is, however, greatly affecting our research within kinesiology and physical activity while also working as a full-time professor. Dr. Bradley J. Cardinal is not only a Doctor of Philosophy with an emphasis in Psycho-Social Interactions in Sport, but he has also earned his Master of Science in College Instruction in Physical Education with a minor of Health Education. Teaching approximately 19 years at Oregon State University and earning various awards while doing so, Dr. Cardinal has without a doubt broken the barriers when it comes to his outstanding research regarding the benefits of physical education and activity in schools.

    Publishing six books, 196 Refereed articles, 43 Non-Refereed articles, 122 abstracts and performing 278 Presentations over the span of his career, Dr. Cardinal does not seem to get a break. However, through his extensive works, he has absolutely shown what perseverance and dedication looks like for everyone in the field of kinesiology.

    The reason why I believe Dr. Bradley J. Cardinal to be a peak performer can be seen through his extensive research and especially his hard work in making a healthier generation from elementary school and beyond. With that being said, one of my favorite articles lies in Oregon State University’s archives, “Physical Education Requirement at Four-Year Universities at All-Time Low.” This publication highlights the importance of physical activity while also providing an immense amount of statistical evidence in regards to the declining requirement of collegiate physical education classes. Noting the importance of cognitive performance as well as leading a more healthy lifestyle overall, Bradley Cardinal begins to unravel the great necessity for physical activity in a college setting.

    Although not many people believe this kind of study to be a big deal, it is my belief that studies of this nature are what change the way we look at curriculum and the overall wellness of individuals. From one article to the next, Dr. Cardinal has done his best to pursue his ideas in hopes of gaining attention while also changing the fitness and wellness world. Through hard work and most likely days when he loses sleep while attempting to create more research ideas, I perceive Dr. Cardinal to be a peak performer in the field of kinesiology. It is my dream to one day become a performer like Dr. Bradley Cardinal through these Sport Psychology and physical education ideas, and maybe even help to change the views of researchers when it comes to something as serious as the steady decline of physical education. Dr. Cardinal has without a doubt influenced me to pursue my dreams though his constant dedication, and I hope to one day be in his shoes.

    Here is just one look at the influential Bradley Cardinal in an interview for Comcast Newsmakers with host Ken Ackerman. In these five minutes, Dr. Cardinal shares his passion for getting kids up and moving, while also sharing his statistics regarding not only obesity, but also the decline in physical activity:

  • Shaniah Momoli

    Jimmy Butler III is undoubtedly a peak performer not only as an athlete but also an individual. Butler’s father abandoned the family when he was a baby and by the time he was 13 years old, his mother kicked him out of the house saying she didn’t like how he looked. He then bounced between the homes of various friends, until he eventually found a permanent home and family his senior year of high school with close friend Jordan Leslie and his family of 8. That same year, he averaged 19.9 points and 8.7 rebounds per game and was subsequently voted team MVP. Butler was not heavily recruited coming out of high school and chose to attend Tyler Junior College but was later recruited to Marquette University where he caught the attention of the Chicago Bulls and was selected with the 30th overall pick in 2011.

    Jimmy Butler is a peak performer in his own right as he overcame adversity with his home life. He exemplifies leadership, a strong commitment to himself and those around him, having a vision on and off the court, and a passion for basketball. Even more so, Butler demonstrates motivation, great focus, integrity, perseverance, fearlessness, tenacity, resilience, and absolute athleticism.

  • Cole Cusella

    Matthias Steiner is a text book example of a peak performer and one of my personal favorites. Just under a year before the Beijing summer olympics in 2008 Matthias wife passed away in a fatal car accident. Matthais was faced with the choice to stop powerlifting and the mourn the loss of his wife like what was expected, or, continue powerlifting and chase the Gold medal. He chose to keep working and pursue his dream of becoming an olympian. In the first lift of competition he underperformed in his snatch missing his third attempt and settling with a weight of 203 kg which had him in 3rd/ 4th. On the second lift in competition, the clean and jerk, he missed his first attempt and his second attempt wasn’t enough to take home the gold. After having the memory of promising his wife that he would take home the gold before she passed he had a chance to try to medal and do a weight he knew he probably could or put it all on the line and go for a weight that would shatter his PR by 10kg, he choose to break his own record. With his wife watching over him and the entire nation of Germany tuning in Matthias did the unthinkable and nailed his final lift of 258 kg and last lift of the entire competition which would then put him first.

  • Scott Leveau

    thanks for sharing, he definitely is a peak performer. I plan on attending OSU for my Masters Program, I wonder if I’ll ever take one of his courses.

  • Noah Feinberg

    Mark Healy is debatably one of the best surfers on the planet, both technically and intrinsically. Growing up in Hawaii, Healy engaged in many water sports, but quickly emerged as a world class surfer. Healy is among the few surfers who dare, surf big wave breaks ranging from 20-80+ ft! In this particular clip, Healy is paddling into a wave in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, a dangerous, yet renowned big wave surfing destination. Healy provides commentary about his experience, and how he handled the situation he was in. Surfing a wave that size is a feat within itself, but people do not fully consider the amount of patience, fearlessness, and instinct needed to handle what comes next. The Wipeout.

    Healy recalls it as, “a proper thrashing”, however wiping out on a wave that size, for any normal person, would likely result in drowning. Not only did Healy endure the initial wipeout, but was held under by the following waves in the set, which can be just as violent and unpredictable. Healy exhibits peak performer characteristics, because of his technical approach to something that happens almost suddenly, for most. He was able to maintain composure, remember his training, and most importantly, not panic. Healy is one of few athletes with the physical, and mental capacity, to engage in the perilous sport, of big wave surfing.

    Noah Feinberg

  • Jacqualynn Espinoza

    My name is Jacqualynn Espinoza and Bethany Hamilton has been my role model since I learned about her story, and when given this assignment I knew exactly what I was going to upload. Bethany was born and raised in Kauai,Hawaii and became passionate about surfing at a very young age, she was in the ocean as soon as she could walk. When she was 12 years old she was surfing off the north shore in Oahu on Halloween morning when she was attacked by a shark, which resulted in her losing her left arm. Three weeks following her accident she was back in the water again,managed to get up on her surfboard and catch her very first wave with one arm. Bethany has lived her life as a peak performer, and she didn’t let losing her arm stop her from working to achieve her dream of becoming one of today’s most respected and well known professional surfers all around the world. Her passion, dedication, optimistic attitude, unfailing love and faith in God, and willingness to achieve and succeed kept me going through a very challenging period of time in my life when I needed some positivity, motivation, and inspiration to help me see the light at the end of my pitch black tunnel.

    It was difficult for me to chose just one clip of Bethany because one clip just isn’t enough to do her justice, but these two videos are my favorite to watch over and over again. They are relevant because they demonstrate that she didn’t stop once she became a professional surfer, she also put in the work to become a best selling author of a book called Body & Soul that shares with anybody who is interested what Bethany does to stay in shape by giving you a glimpse into her everyday healthy lifestyle. I bought this book as soon as it got released and it was worth every penny. She stays inspired and uses her inspiration and story to inspire and encourage others. She lives her life doing exactly what she loves and that inspires all who read her book , watch her videos and movie, and read and keep up with her blog. She shares her positivity and passion for all things with the world and changes the lives of others while on her journey. She works hard to influence and inspire current and future generations of youth who find themselves in challenging situations and need somebody to guide and lead them in a positive direction. She changes the lives of so many, and continues to be the change that we all wish to see in the world. The world could benefit from more peak performers in the world just like Bethany Hamilton.

  • Andrew Ouderkirk

    Dustin Pedroia is a great example of a peak performer because he is the epitome of resilience, confidence, discipline, and perseverance. Although he played college baseball at a NCAA division 1 powerhouse, Arizona State University, he was always ridiculed for his lack of size and skills.
    He has always been doubted in his baseball career, but he simply perceives it as fuel or motivation to improve rather than allowing it to discourage him. This is an example of his confidence, discipline, and resilience. The fact that he has always been undersized or the “underdog” and has become a leader and success in Major League Baseball makes his story unique, intriguing, and inspiring. He is a remarkable athlete and now a leader and cornerstone type of player in the Boston Red Sox organization. This is another reason that he is a peak performer and an inspiration for other athletes. Since cases in which a player of his size becomes such a success is so rare and does not happen by accident, he represents many of the qualities that a peak performer would have.

  • jasper dhaliwal

    The peak performer that i have chosen is Cassius Clay or what he is better known as, Muhammad Ali. Ali had great attributes that led him to become the best boxer that ever lived. Like other greats, he truly believed he was the best in the world at what he did. you could tell he was one of the greatest just by the way he lived his life. in a period of segregation and great adversity, he was able to overcome social pressures and beat anyone who stood in his way. He was able to maintain his composure when it seemed like the world was wanting him to lose but he still found a way to win. He was able to do this because he attacked his dicipline similar to his approach on life; he did what he wanted to do and said what he wanted to say and did not let anyone tell him otherwise. He did not go to war when he was drafted, he joined Islam, and he had relationships with caucasian women when he was forbidden. He was also very intelligent in his craft, when he fought George Foreman, a heavy hitter, he knew he had to trap his hands to be able to win the fight. he was smart and studied his opponent and was able to adjust and contain Foremans strengths. Perhaps what he was best known for was his confidence, he would go on record calling himself the best in the world and believing in himself more than anyone. That is what a true winner does, he can runs his mouth but he will back it up come fight time. He really did show the world “how great (he was)”.

  • Ana Radich

    Mirko Filipovic is a (now retired) mixed martial artist and kick boxer more commonly known as “Cro Cop.” He comes from a small town in Croatia near Vinkovci, with very humble beginnings. As a young adult he worked in a saw mill, which is very physically demanding work, and made his own weight lifting equipment in his spare time. It started in fifth grade, when he had been lifting an old piece of rail road track that his father had left and it had become too light. He would find longer metal rods, with the help of his neighbors, to lift in his backyard. He filled buckets with cement and attached them to the rods and used those to weight lift. He would run through deep snow for five kilometers every morning before school in old army boots, and his handmade punching bag ripped every few days. Since he was a small boy he had a passion for fighting, but never in a violent way. He wanted to practice every day, things like kick the same spot on a wall in his garage for hours. Many people do not have this dedication and passion, and it is the reason he became such a success. He was the final champion for K-1 and Pride Grand Prix, and he won a world championship in mixed martial arts and kickboxing. He has many accomplishments under his belt like fight of the decade and striker of the decade, and much more. What sets him apart in my eyes is how hard he works, and how humble he is. Although he was born with natural talent, without work ethic, natural talent means nothing. To him all that nonstop training was easy because he truly loved what he was doing. He knew what he was capable of and was confident of himself. His famous line is “right leg, hospital; left leg cemetery,” as he knew that he had a killer left head kick. In his documentary he isn’t afraid to talk about his fears, some of which include big dogs and aggressive women. He shows humility yet confidence—an overall well rounded person with strong morals and work ethic.

  • Jesse Elkin Rubin

    I am choosing Tupac Shakur aka “2pac” as my peak performer. 2pac grew up poor and was a child to a single mother who had addiction problems. He moved from New York city to Baltimore and there attended a high school for arts. He participated in plays, poetry and practiced rapping on his own. When he moved to the west coast he began his rapping career. I think 2pac is such a well known rapper because he raps with emotion. He is a poet. When he says something you can hear the pain or joy in his voice. He is also very insightful and his words were the best friend of anyone feeling disenfranchised. He wrote songs about what it is like to be poor, black and descriminated against. He also wrote songs about his mother, stories about young single mothers and a song called “keep your head up” which goes out to all women. He had a strong persona of someone who is sensitive but also thugged out. Unfortunately it seems from his song lyrics that he was suffering from depression, paranoia and stress. He often rapped about knowing he was going to die soon. Unfortunately this become a self fullfilling prophesy and he was killed at the age of 25. I have listened to 2pac since the 5th grade and I think he is the most gifted and emotionally out there rapper of all time. I feel like I knew him because his lyrics are so open and honest about what he is going through. I wish he were still alive because he is a true artist and peak performer of his craft.

  • Alec Herrera

    An example of a peak performer is Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors. He is a peak performer in my mind because of his heart and passion for the game of basketball. He was considered undersized and doesn’t fit any specific position in the NBA, which is what led him to get drafted in the second round of the 2012 NBA draft. Now he is an NBA champion, All-Star, 1st Team All-NBA on Defense, and is one of the leaders of the team, who are on pace to beat the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls record for wins in a single NBA season. Draymond has turned into an all around threat because he is willing to do whatever the team needs him to do. He and Andrew Bogut run the defense, and on offense he is the primary facilitator when Stephen Curry doesn’t have the ball. He is leading the NBA currently in triple doubles, and he leads all front court players in assist. Many people call him the heart of the team and I think that fits him perfectly. He turned all the negatives that critics wrote about him when he declared for the draft into motivation to be one of the best players in the NBA today.

  • Lena

    The peak performer I chose to write about is Steve Jobs as he is someone who had a very interesting life. He was a visionary and a true innovator. Even though he was sometimes a controversial figure he is remembered as someone who had a dream and did not let the fear of failure deter him from following it. Steve Jobs created one of the greatest and most iconic companies ever, which is Apple. He was a creative genius who created revolutionary technology that really changed the world. He is a peak performer because he never gave up on his ideas or his dreams even when the odds were against him. He was a true entrepreneur who worked hard, believed in his self worth, and was passionate about his dreams. He was truly committed to his dream and put 110% into everything he did. He was a polarizing figure who never backed down from criticism and was truly ahead of his time. He was a true peak performer who was consistently seen as one of the greatest in his field.

    The video i chose was his iconic and inspiring commencement speech he gave to Stanford’s graduating class about following ones dreams and never giving up on them.

  • nick cruz

    Kawhi (Cuh-why) Leonard epitomizes what it means to be a peak performer. I not only chose to write about Leonard because of his awesome physical abilities and because of his numerous basketball accolades, but I chose him because of the manner in which he goes about being a peak performer. It would be easy to discuss how hard of a worker Kawhi is and talk about his physical capabilities as an athlete, but quite honestly he’s in the NBA, most players work hard and are physically gifted. Kawhi, to me, is a peak performer because of his personality and his character. If anyone encompasses what it means to lead by example it’s Kawhi Leonard. As a NBA finals MVP, a Champion, a reigning defensive player of the year, an all star, and a multiple all team defensive player it would be easy for Leonard to let success get to his head. But even with all the awards, Leonard remains the same quite, stoic, emoitionless player he’s always been. His quiet demeanor cannot be highlighted enough. Players around the league have been quoted as never having heard Leonard speak before. Analysts have nickname him as Kawhi-et Leonard. Teammates have said they haven’t heard his speak in over weeks. His silent and shy demeanor may be one of the only downsides to his full potential as a leader, but his ability to lead by example is probably unchallenged anywhere in professional sports.
    To put it simply, Kawhi Leonard is a peak performer because he can “walk-the-walk” so well that he doesn’t need to “talk-the-talk.”

  • veronica ordonez

    The peak performer I chose to post about is Kobe Bryant. From the beginning of his career, through injuries and even now at the end of his career Kobe has always demonstrated greatness. He does everything from making clutch game winning shots, to knocking down 81 points in a game, to beating the number one team in the league. Despite facing a multitude of injuries including what some people would see as being career ending, Kobe always pushed through them and continued to be great. I feel like coming back from all these injuries in itself makes Kobe a great representation of a peak performer. Along with that he has always been consistent which shows his dedication and determination which are very key traits to someone who is considered a peak performer.

  • sharon faulmino

    Ray Charles has left a lasting impression in the music industry, he is one of the most influential individuals in the field, especially soul music. In my opinion he is a peak performer for many reasons. What differentiates him from other artists is the type of music he produced. His songs included the feel of blues,gospel, pop, r&b, jazz and country. A couple of his well known songs are “I got a woman” and “Hit the road Jack”. The interactions of what people define as different types of music into one song was always present in the music Ray Charles produced. He was willing to take risks, although what he was making at the time was considered controversial or opposed other peoples views. He firmly held on to what he wanted to write about. Also he managed to make it through the music industry despite being blind. He lost his vision as a child due to glaucoma. Ray Charles attended the Florida School for the deaf and Blind. Here his musical talent was further developed. He learned how to play instruments and use a braille. From small time gigs in local areas in Florida he was eventually discovered and signed a contact with a prestigious label called Atlantic records. The characteristics that Ray Charles posses such as persistence, confidence and positive mind set is what makes him a peak performer.

  • Janelle Dela Cruz

    Ellen DeGeneres is the peak performer that I wanted to focus on. Ellen DeGeneres is a Talk Show Host, Comedian, and Animal Rights Activist. When she first came out on her sitcom, Ellen, she got a lot of hate and her homosexuality was frowned upon, resulting in the sitcom getting canceled. But DeGeneres was willing to risk her career over happiness since it was a huge career risk. This alone shows a couple of characteristics of a peak performer which are having excellent coping skills and dealing with a complex environment by having self-management skills. She got a lot of criticism and her sitcom got cancelled, but she stayed strong and was invited to a lot of talk shows and then was in movies. She became an advocate of LGBT rights. She is now the host of her own talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she does so much for the community.

    Through her own talk show, DeGeneres has been a role model and a genuine human being. She is funny and tells it how it is, also going above and beyond in order to make you laugh. She doesn’t just talk about celebrities but also spotlights real life stories and helps people out. DeGeneres even made a new clothing & lifestyle collection, the line called ED (like the guy’s name, not her initials but also her nickname). She was not dressing for her and her own comfort in the beginning when she was highly aware that people knew she was gay. She said that everyone should be able to express themselves and dress the way they want to, and that’s how she started dressing how she felt.

    From the information above, it is obvious that she has a good amount of characteristics that make her a peak performer. Her positivity, self-esteem, ability to not be stopped by failure already makes her a great role model. She persevered through the rough parts of her past and is now a very successful Emmy award winning talk show host who was also awarded the Favorite Humanitarian Award for her charity work throughout the years. She just wanted to make people laugh believes that people should always be kind to one another.

  • Rommel

    Rommel Dass
    For my peak performer I am choosing Samvel Yervinyan. Samvel is a violinist from Armenia and has been playing the violin since he was 7 years old. Samvel has been in world tours throughout the world at world monuments such as the Taj Mahal, Forbidden city of China, and the Burj Khalifa. These world tours were with a world musician called Yanni, who is a peak performer in his own right. I watched Samvel play for the first time last year and just watching Samvel play the violin made me find a whole new appreciation for music and the violin itself. He plays it so effortlessly and you can see he has joy and passion for his instrument that he has been playing for over 43 years by the way he makes his facial expressions and demeanor playing it. Watching him play made me out of nowhere want to get into learning a musical instrument like the violin or even the piano because my dad is musically talented and he always encouraged me when i was younger to learn a instrument but I was never interested, but after watching Samvel playing the Violin it made me consider it.

    The first song in this video, called ” The Storm” is my favorite performance of his because there is buildup to his part and then when he starts, he just explodes with his musical talent on the violin


    RONDA ROUSEY is more than “just” a world-class athlete. She is the undefeated UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and the first American woman to earn an Olympic medal in Judo. In her own words, she is “feministly bad ass”. Ronda’s a peak performer because while fighting physically, she’s also fought to disprove critics of men’s based physical sports. At the age of 11 Ronda Rousey became intensely interested in the physical sport of Judo. By 17 she had already competed in two world Olympics and became the first American women to earn an Olympic medal in Judo. And this was only the beginning. By 2012 Ronda had become a living example for women’s empowerment. She became the reason for UFC President Dana White to give women’s MMA a chance after previously stating for years that he would never hold a female fight in the octagon. She was the first women’s MMA fighter to sign with the UFC.

    I didn’t pick Ronda just because of ‘Ronda the Champion’ (well yes that too) BUT also ‘Ronda the Person’ granted my only exposure to her is through media. Sure, she qualified for the Olympics in Judo at seventeen. Sure, she has a 12 – 1 record in UFC. Sure, she’s the UFC’s highest paid fighter, male or female. But on top of being an amazing fighter, she doesn’t just defeat her opponents in the ring, she also kicks ass and takes names outside of it too. She famously called convicted domestic violence perpetrator Floyd Mayweather out on his history of assault. Her straight-up “screw you” responses to criticism of her “masculine” body have made her an idol for women everywhere. She has openly spoken about her personal problems, such as dropping out of high school, and her struggle with bulimia. That is what makes her even more of a peak performer – she can admit to her problems and show her progress. Rousey is not afraid to speak her mind which has earned her the nickname rowdy and in a media landscape too often populated by women who don’t speak their minds, it’s refreshing and inspiring to hear from someone who doesn’t buy into popular culture’s BS. Furthermore, the sport of MMA, and not just the women’s divisions, owe her so much. Hell, my 52 year old neighbor who has never watched sports in her life now has a ‘DNB’ t-shirt, works out 3-4 times a week and watches MMA on youtube on her spare time. All thanks to Ronda. She made people care about a women’s division that just wasn’t marketable yet. As good as the skill has been for years, people simply didn’t care about the landscape of women’s MMA without her. Whether people love her or hate her, Ronda gets you talking. Ronda gets you watching. If it wasn’t for her, women wouldn’t be main AND co-main on a major fight card. Rousey is an exceptionally skilled sportswoman, and she’s transformed that skill into a highly lucrative career.

  • Jeffrey Fumar

    I chose Stephen Curry as my peak performer because for the last few years, he has really shown his amazing talents and reached new heights in the NBA. He has broken many records in history including his own records. He has led the Golden State Warriors to many victories and have proven how the whole team believes in his 3 point shots as much as he believes in his team’s unparalleled team work. He makes his shots seem effortless and natural. Curry has been the face of the NBA and is continually reaching new heights for the Warriors. He is truly something special and that’s why I chose him as my peak performer.

  • moises1barroso

    For this project I decided not to select a single person, but instead I selected
    the firm of Zaha Hadid architects as a peck performer. The main reason I
    decided to select this firm was because of Zaha Hadid a woman architect that is pushing the limits in this industry. I could had selected Zaha Hadid as the
    peak performer but I believe that the amazing work that is being created at
    this moment is the collaboration of the firm. This firm has brought together a
    group of people that are creating projects that are pushing architecture and
    materials to a new level around the world. The firm is led by great leaders,
    and the drive for innovation keeps pushing them forward. They are creating very modern, futuristic and complex architecture and products that are not usual. The firm differentiates itself from others by innovation. Innovation comes from the way they design, the way they think, the way they use materials, the technology they use, and the ideas that they bring to life. Zaha Hadid architects is a window to what the future may look like.

  • Linh Tran

    For my peak performer I chose Stephen Curry because his basketball career and skill is unbelievable. In the video I provided it shows all his shootings and it’s nothing, but net. Watching this video I’m so amazed by his form and how he’s always able to shoot the ball into the net. Everyone on social media is going crazy watching his shot that was more than half court. Curry is the sixth player in the NBA history to win his first MVP and his first title in the same season. He’s already one of the 25 best players in the NBA. You can see in the video that Curry never misses his shots and he’s always firing shots away. He lead his team to a historic NBA championship and he’s only going up from here.

  • Alyssa Vargas

    The peak performer I chose to share is Buster Posey, catcher for the San Francisco Giants. Posey exemplifies character, poise, and persistence in a variety of ways. He’s a respectable athlete with several accolades including National League Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player awards, three NL All-Star team selections, two NL Silver Slugger trophies, and three World Series rings.
    During the 2011 season, Posey had a collision at the plate which resulted in a gruesome injury that had the potential to end his career. Instead, the catcher acted as a true peak performer and came back stronger than ever. He patiently braved through his rehabilitation program and refused to let his injury end his career as a catcher. Where other athletes might have grown impatient and rushed their rehab or given up on the tedious workouts, Posey chose to take this opportunity to strengthen his game and motivate himself in a way that would make him an even better athlete.
    Interviews with his teammates have shown that Posey is a pleasure to share a dugout with. He acts as a mentor to younger players and is eager to gain wisdom from veterans. He is a leader who is respected and appreciated by his peers. Posey is a peak performer in this way because he has found a way to remain humble despite his countless successes and he motivates his teammates to be the best they can be.

  • Brandon Hurley

    Brandon Hurley

    The peak performer I chose is Kelly Slater. I chose Kelly because he is an 8x world champion in the sport of surfing. He is the definition of a peak performer being someone who have excelled in competition into his older age and has maintained his status as an elite athlete within the sport. As surfing is a sport that challenges your mind and concentration as much as it challenges your body, the amount of dedication he continues to bring to competition is an indicator of the amount of work he puts in behind the scenes. Not only are his 8 world championships impressive enough, but when put in the context of a sport that has evolved over the years, from everything to location, and even judging skills, his adaptation and his ability to continue to compete at the highest level is amazing to see. Below is a link to some of his clips just within this year.

  • Rey de la Cruz

    Roger Federer is the definition of a peak performer in tennis. He holds the most titles a Slam tournament (4 major tournaments throughout the year) at 15 and is currently unsurpassed. He is able to maintain his spot as a top 10 player despite being past 30 years old which is considered to be the retirement age in tennis. He went through a lull where he had consecutive early round losses and tournaments and broke down after losing. But he was able to comb back, he didn’t quit, and was able to win the Slam title that alluded him – the French open. He is philanthropic, building schools in Africa and being involved in his charity. He is balanced in his life outside of tennis, there is not news of him causing trouble or being fined for acting out on the court. He married while he was the number 1 player in the world and had twins, all while maintaining his spot as one of the top players in the world.