Friday, January 19th, 2018

ATH 922: Principles in Sport Leadership at Fresno Pacific University (comment forum)


First, register for the website. Then, paste the URL for the clip of the effective leader that you chose. Write a brief description of why you chose the person and why the clip is relevant. The description should be at least one paragraph (minimum 6 sentences). Make sure to include your full name and course.

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  • Peknakvety

    Looking forward to your videos!

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to watching your inspirational videos!

  • Shawn

    I liked this inspirational teaching video clip because it shows some of the greatest leaders of in history and their failures.  As a baseball coach, failure is so much a part of the game.  The old saying is that if a hitter gets a base hit three out of every ten tries, they are the best hitter on the team.  Athletes, and in my case baseball players, fail often as a natural part of the game.  It is those players that can effectively handle inevitable failures that have the ability to reach their competitive potential. 
    “I’m gonna fight, till I can’t fight no more. Gonna lay down, bleed a while, then I’ll get up and fight some more.”
    -Derrick Moore, Georgia Tech Football Chaplain 

  • John78

    My name is John Gross and I am a health and physical education teacher.  I selected a video pertaining to proper weightlifting technique from The National Strength and Conditioning Association’s website.  Advanced weight lifting technique takes many years to truly learn and having a online video resource can be extremely beneficial to anyone wishing to learn such technique.  The video that I selected demonstrates the power jerk (push press).

  • Dalager

    My name is Michelle Dalager and I am head of the Physical Education Department at Churchill County High School in Fallon, NV. and have been coaching at different levels for over 15 years. I chose this video because it highlights the different and important aspects of the coaches role on a team. It was interesting to see all the coaching similarities as this video was generated in a different part of the world.

  • 6scips

    Hello my name is Todd Scipioni and have been involved with coaching basketball for the past 20 years at the junior high, varsity and college level. I chose this video because the off season training has changed considerably during my coaching career. We do alot of speed traing with our players in season as well as out of season. I also work various basketball camps during the summer and we incorporate drills like these for our players at camp.

  • Ryan

    My name is Ryan Bown.  I am currently a head baseball coach at the Div. III level.  I chose this link because it is a great resource I have used as part of pitchers’ throwing program.  It has some very basic, but very good, principles when throwing long toss.  If kids aren’t taught how to long toss correctly, it becomes a waste of time.  This video gives easy to understand tips and principles for proper long toss.

  • Brian Miller

    My name is Brian Miller. I am a head basketball Coach and Assistant Athletic Director for a high school in Ohio. I choose this link because of the lost value of placing your family before your career. Parcells – Purpose.
    I really picked this video because I understand what he went through being a dad and Head Coach. Early in his career his job became more important than his family. He regrets not spending more time with his children and placing an emphasis more on his career than his family, and he said he was fortunate they turned out to be productive citizens and family men. He stresses the importance of being more aware to make your family more important than your job.   Early in my career I sometimes lose focus on my family. The job of teaching and coaching can be very time consuming and difficult. Sometimes the struggles I have with students at school I carry home with me to my children and it is not fair to them. Teachers can have a hard time seperating their lives at schools from their life at work. Bill manages to put in perspective that even though you think you are there for your family you need to be there more for them and not just as children but as adults as well.
    I have made it imperative to my players and students that Faith and Family are my top 2 priorities in life.

  • Briandehaan1

    My name is Brian DeHaan and I am currently the Athletic Director at a high school in California.  I chose this video because it is a great example of a highly efficient workout that does not limit the athletes by position.  Furthermore, the video demonstrates drills that can be done with as little as two players which would enable coaches to set up side work.  I particularly like the fact that the drills encompass the majority of scenarios that infielders would be presented with during the course of live action.

  • Anonymous

    My name is Brian Bandurchin. I am currently the Athletic Director at a HS in Maryland. I chose this link because it stresses the importance of the basic fundamentals of Free Throw shooting. It is also coming from the greatest player to ever play the game, which helps kids understand it a little more.

  • Trevor

    My name is Trevor Castle. I am currently the AD and basketball coach at a small school in TN. I choose this video because it talks about a wide variety of basketball skills. It also uses a prominent NBA player and he does a good to job of explaining.

  • Carlos Amponin

    My name is Carlos Amponin. I am currently the AD and Head Football Coach at an American HS in Germany. I chose the Paul Johnson video because I thought it was an excellent example of utilizing the theory and practical results of his play. Johnson explains the plays and movement of one of the key blocks using a playmaker diagram. He then incorporates the game film that shows the play with that key blocker (the TE in this case) using 2 different releases to take the MLB as he discussed in the opening piece of the clip.

  • Jace

    My name is Jace, I am currently an assistant football coach at Lakewood high school. the reason I chose this video is because to me it encompasses everything we strive for out of our players. it shows how to be a true champion.

  • kevin

    My name is Kevin Wolf. I am currently an intervention specialist and weightlifting coach at a small school in Northeast Ohio. I chose this video because it shows what a coach can do by thinking outside the box to teach a lesson. The video shows a great motivation technique to get an athlete to stop thinking with preconceived limitations.

  • kevin

    My name is Kevin Wolf. I am currently an intervention specialist and weightlifting coach at a small school in Northeast Ohio. I chose this video because it shows what a coach can do by thinking outside the box to teach a lesson. The video shows a great motivation technique to get an athlete to stop thinking with preconceived limitations.

  • anthony

    My Name is Anthony. I am currently a defensive coordinator at the high school level in Chicago, IL. I found this video to be very easy to follow and gave great teaching cues that I could easily relate back to my athletes. I also found “Hawk Tackling” to be the new age way to tackle in football, taking the head out of tackling stemming from rugby tackling.


    My name is Garrett Patty. I am an aspiring administrator, a current Middle School Football, Wrestling, and Baseball Coach. I chose the link below due to the fact that many middle school wrestling coaches do not know where to start with basic calisthenics and body control activities. This is a great clip for beginning coaches to implement these basic drills.

  • calpolymatt

    Matt Taylor
    asst varsity basketball coach
    Gregori High

    I like this clip below of Coach K because he tells his players something simple, about having a passer tell the shooter to shoot, then he elaborates more, because this practice is being filmed in front of other coaches there to learn. I like to see what and how he talks to his players, but then the more in depth rationale as to why.

  • Mike

    My name is Mike Lucchesi. I am an assistant football and head ice hockey coach at a high school in, NJ. I chose the following video because I think it is both informative and provides a great resource specific to the sport I coach. The video clip gives teaching cues or tips for the fundamentals covered as well as drills to help to develop the skills. It provides drill demonstration and it incorporates input from some professionals. It covers 1v1 from both perspectives, defensive and offensive.