Friday, January 19th, 2018

CSU STAN KINS 1000 Spring 2016


Hi Class,

First, register for the website. Then, in the comments section below post a video clip that you find motivating. The clip does not have to be about sports. Make sure to include your name and a description (minimum 5 sentences) of the reason why you chose the clip. I look forward to seeing your clips.

-Coach Lasota


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  • Samantha Williams

    This is the video that I find to be motivating to me. A lot of times, I don’t feel like I can do something, like finish an assignment, pick up a book, get out of bed, or anything seemingly “simple” due to mental illness. But then I think of this incredibly silly video and it motivates me. I can do it. I can’t let my dreams be dreams.

  • Briana Jimenez

    I have followed Tommy Edison’s (AKA The Blind Movie Critic) Youtube channel for quite some time now and I love everything this man posts. He’s extremely positive and insightful. In this video, he discusses how he is able to communicate on his iPhone through various apps, including Twitter. I find this video motivating, because technology is motivational! Technology is increasingly bridging the gap for people of varying degrees of handicaps, and revolutionizing lives around the world. I hope that more people involved in science can be motivated to produce more systems that can continue to bridge the gap between the able-body world and the world of limitations that come with a life with a permanent disability. Tommy’s spirit is also motivational as he continues to stay positive, despite completely lacking one of the main senses a human typically has.

  • Stephanie Lopez

    I would say I am much more logical of a thinker when it comes to motivation. Yes powerful quotes and speeches are great to get you in the right mindset, but what about the actual steps to achieving it? I found this video not only motivating on how to approach motivation none-the-less but a lot of the facts they threw out really stuck in head mainly because of the animation. The statistics on how people approach goals and the varying success between those who have done it one way versus the opposite is very true. It explains why New Year resolutions don’t often last long! If people can’t realize the right steps to take for themselves on how to achieve a goal, you’ve already lost the bottle in my opinion.
    -Stephanie Lopez

  • Kristine Bohrisch
    I chose this video because music has always been a big part of my life. Whenever I need motivation to do something, I can just turn on music and it will give me the focus I need to get what I need done from home work to cleaning around the house, ect. Music also motivates me to work hard, both in school and my job, so I am able enjoy going these types of events. I believe that music is beneficial because it not only motivates me but makes me very happy. Music can be applicable to our class because it has proven to stimulate the brain which helps with attention and memory. It also is beneficial when exercising because it motivates people to work out harder and at higher intensities.

  • Jose Andrade
    I chose this video because I was in the navy myself. I was in for 4 years, straight out of high school. When I watch this video, or videos like this, it really takes me back to my time in the Navy. Although sometime I wish that I had stayed in the navy, this video reminds me of why I chose to leave the navy. I chose to leave because I believed that the Navy gave me incredibly important skills and I wanted to explore my potential. It has been a tough road since I left the Navy. Going to school and working full time has not been easy. However this video motivates me to keep pushing to reach my goals.

  • Chante Chhiv

    This video is probably one of the most motivating stories I’ve come across being that this man, Arthur Boorman, had overcome so many obstacles to get to where he is at today in his weight loss/ health gain. In the video, it shows multiple times where Arthur would fall or lose his balance but he never gave up and kept pushing. This man was able to defy the odds despite what his doctors were telling him as he believed in himself. I feel like I lack the ability to believe in myself sometimes but it’s videos like this that helps me to believe in myself. This video motivates me to just keep going in life and never give up no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

  • Lillian Ramos
    I really love this video as it demonstrates that there will always be people who will prevent you from achieving what you really want to do. The ballerina in the video was rejected and told she cannot pursue ballet because she did not have what it took and she lacked the “correct” body. However, she continued on with her passion and is now a great ballerina for the American Ballet Theater which is one of the three leading classical ballet companies in the U.S. This video motivates me whenever I drowning in schoolwork and I need that extra push to remind myself that I will get into a nursing program and be an operation room nurse. I am constantly being discouraged by the statistics but there is always another way if I really want it, “I will what I want”.

  • Tosha Lucas

    Tosha Lucas
    I found this video to be motivating because it talks about not giving up on yourself or your dreams. It’s possible to achieve your dreams, just keep on pushing yourself and take risks. This video tells us to get the losers out of our life if we want to live your dreams. The reason why most people don’t work on their dreams because of “fear”. People fear disappointment. My dream was to go back to college and get a degree and I have achieved that dream of mine. “Mission Accomplished”

  • Kassandra Lopez

    I was brought to tears with this amazing video. It symbolizes so much that one beautiful person, your mother, could impact in your life. One of the most motivational people in my life is my mother. My mom is my motivation. My mom has done so much for me and continues to. I work hard everyday to achieve my goals and make my mom proud.

  • Jaspreet Singh

    I have been recently watching Nick Vujicic on YouTube since he is such a positive and inspirational person and a well known speaker. Despite him not having any arms or legs he is living his life to the fullest and being positive. Nick never gives up on tasks he isn’t able to do because he believes every try is one step closer to him accomplishing his goal. This bright personality and positivity lead Nick Vujicic to marry his wife. His wife stated clearly that she loves him for him and doesn’t care for how he looks, but for who he is. Watching there amazing love story inspires and motivates me to love myself for who I am and not be insecure over silly things because at the end of the day looks fade away and a positive attitude and outlook stays forever.

  • Krystal Macias

    I found this video very powerful because I can relate to my mom being “my person”. For a big chunk of my life it was just my mom taking care of me and at a young age she had to make it all work. I am thankful for my mom every single day. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wish and hope that everyone could have a close bond with their mom.

  • Jennifer Mackenzie This commercial was very touching to me. It is like that saying “what goes around, comes around”. This man did something kind to help this boy when the boys mother was sick. Then 30 years later the man gets sick and the boy helps him. If you give to others, you shall receive later. I totally believe in good karma.

  • Tanya Rodriguez

    I choose this video of yoga because its an good stress reliever. A lot of people are not aware of of benefits yoga has. This video was interesting to be because when I feel stressed out I turn to yoga as a relief. I find this video motivating because it shows that yoga can be a fun exercise. One of the things about yoga is that you can practice it anywhere without having to pay to engage in yoga exercises.

  • Stacy Vazquez

    I chose this video as a motivating video because this semester being my last semester at Stan I have been very stressed out. My yoga class on Tuesdays and Thursdays helps me release a lot of tension in my body. Yoga is very beneficial because you not only stretch out your muscles and release a lot of tension, but you feel relaxed when you are done. I recommend anyone interested in taking a KINS class to take yoga. You will see yourself doing it on your free time. :)

  • Sandy Contreras

    I was inspired by this video because it is all about team work. We all have to work together in this life to accomplish good in the world. The word team work does not stay within the parameters of work or athletics. Team work is for the home, when you go on a trip with friends even a vacation. A work team can ease everyone’s burden and allow for a stress free experience. I was shocked that this was a commercial, but the slogan is a great one. “Share the load.”

  • gurpreet hundal

    I’m sure that everyone that has had the chance to watch this movie recognizes these two scenes. If you haven’t watched this movie, I definitely recommend doing so. The name of the movie is “The Pursuit of Happyness.” In this movie, Will Smith’s character works his hardest to fulfill his dream and supports his son. Smith never falters in the face of adversity. What I take away from these two scenes, and the movie, is to work hard and to never give up.

  • Lauren Leon
    When I first transferred to CSU Stanislaus, I was required to see Taylor Mali for one of my classes. This section stood out to me the most. I am working on becoming a teacher and he clearly states the importance of teaching. Money is relative and does not give value to a person.The connections you make and the growth in children is what is valuable. As a teacher, there are so many different roles you play (educator, nurse, psychiatrist, etc.) and each are crucial as your job as a teacher and in the lives of your students.

    -Lauren Leon

  • Sarah Solis

    The motivational aspect of this video is between 3:20 – 6:12. This video was posted by a Youtuber named Mimi Ikonn. There are a handful of Youtubers whose videos I watch in my spare time, and the videos I choose to view usually depend on my mood. Mimi ikonn, in general, is a very positive, inspiring woman. The content she delivers always leaves me questioning my well-being, and my overall positivity in life. In this particular video, Mimi decided to spend a day at a Buddhist Monastery because of the overwhelming amount of stress she had been experiencing at the time. She explains that, once in a while, solitude is necessary for us all. At the end of the day, we only have ourselves; thus, it is important to become 100% comfortable with ourselves. It is crucial that we step away from society whenever possible, especially because we are influenced so heavily by its expectations. This video motivates me to seek more solitude, and, in turn, become much more comfortable with my own thoughts and feelings.

  • Tiger

    When I read the description of this assignment, there was only one video that popped into mind. I was taught by my dad that if you are blessed in life, it is your responsibility to share with others. In my culture, we believe in karma. My dad, a shaman in our religion, taught us that life is not always fair. He always impressed upon us, though, that if you do good deeds, good will come to you. This is also true for the opposite; if you do bad things, bad will come back to you

  • Monica Alvarez
    I chose the video #LikeAGirl because it motivates women to be the best they can be. When a girl is told that they are doing something like a girl it is usually assumed that it is something negative. The campaign is changing the meaning of “like a girl” from a stereotype to something positive. It is showing girls that they have the power to be as good as they want to be. I hope this video helps young girls realize that there is nothing wrong with being a girl.

  • McKenzie Leedom

    I chose this video because it shows examples of different celebrities and what they had to go through or what they were told by others before they were able to succeed. The video is supposed to give us hope. We all fail at something at one point or another, but we need to be able to learn from it. Sometimes we should focus on the outcome rather than spend time loathing in our mistakes. I really liked what the end of the video said, “life = risk”. In order to succeed, we must take risks.

  • sandrabg17

    Sandra Bravo

    I chose this video because this girl is an inspiration to all of us. She shows the true meaning of not giving up. Just because she had her leg amputated, it did not keep her from doing what she loves which is ballet dancing. This girl is also a cancer survivor and any person who survives cancer is a fighter and a winner. This video shows us that everyday we should be thankful to be capable of doing what were able to do, and it motivates us to never give up.

  • Noel Banuelos

    I chose this video because I think that finding motivation and keeping our heads high during a tough journey can be stressful. However, anything is possible as long as we want something bad enough. “If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you will be successful,” basically means that whatever we’re striving for, we need it. It is beyond wanting something because we can move on from want. On the other hand, needing something to bring us happiness or succession, we should do whatever it takes even if it’s difficult. I’m sure we all want to be successful in something we love doing, therefore, I think this speech is definitely in inspirational.

  • Patrick Colombana
    This clip is very motivational for me because it really focuses on the overcoming obstacles and obstructions that everyone will experience. There will always be someone telling you that you are not good enough or that you will never be good enough and this has been a driving factor for me in my life. The strongest people in this world are people who have come upon incredibly hard situations or times and have overcome those struggles. Knowing that you can beat anything that comes at you and having the confidence in yourself to try new and tough experiences is what makes a strong individual. I think this video shows that, it starts off talking about people trying to push you down and finishes with an awesome montage of some great accomplishments that people can perform. It just shows that with hard work and perseverance you can achieve whatever you want to.

  • katiegiles82

    This advertisement, an ad for a “human optimization website”, is very inspiring to me. To me this ad is supposed to remind the listener to be the best they can be and to not make excuses. I have heard this ad while listening to Youtube, procrastinating and it made me get on the work that needed to be done. While the ad is directed at the fitness community, I think the message can be applied to daily life in general. In the end hard work will pay off, and you can enjoy/value downtime more than if you were to procrastinate all the time.

  • Yazmin Calderon

    I found this clip of a Steve Jobs’ speech to be very motivating. With graduation around the corner for me, I have been feeling very anxious and stressed. This speech made me feel a lot better about my career choice. In his speech, Steve reiterates that we should “love what we do.” This is the mentality I like to have, and be around. This is definitely an inspirational speech that we can listen to as extra motivation in life!

  • Ana Vargas

    This video is very important for me because I’ve come across people who have told me that I probably wouldn’t be anything successful in life. These speeches only made me understand that it doesn’t matter what people have to say. What really matters is what you make of it. Fear of failure is common for many people, but you have to believe in yourself. Every day, you have to wish you were better. No one really thought I would graduate from college when I said I would, but I proved them all wrong. I graduate from college in May and that is my trophy to show off.

  • Joseph Greenwood

    Joseph Greenwood

    The speech that i chose was the Presidents George W. Bush’s to the firefighters of 9/11. What President bush did was to encourage hope and rally the firefighters to save as many lives as they could. But what makes this speech special was that it was an impromptu. His advisers told him not to do this speech, but Bush chose to. He believed it was a necessity for the men in the video to hear his words. I feel that his speech was more from the heart and seemed powerful. It might have had a similar effect if it was written before hand. But over all, i feel that President Bush’s speech was one of the kick-starters in saving civilians during 9/11 and more speeches should follow this example.

  • Maria Ruiz First off, I chose the video because it is entertaining. The video shows the different kinds of passions people have. Even though the video is about sports, anyone can relate to it because we all have a passion. The video sends the message that no matter what the odds are, or what people tell you, when you have a passion it will show and “all bets are off”. You are unstoppable!

  • araceli ochoa lopez

    I agree that before anyone believes anything you have to believe first. To prove others wrong you have to believe no matter what anyone says, if you believe you will go far and that it is what is best for you. You make the choices, and others follow along. We real are who we choose to be, we strive for what we want and even if others don’t believe in us nor do they support us we do it for ourself we do it to get far in life. I think that in life we have to prove to everyone no matter what it takes, we have to fight we have to suffer and go through pain but that is because we do what it takes to succeed. We don’t just give up, we strive!

  • Karina Maldonado

    The reason I chose this clip is because it is so powerful. It talks about how we all have different problems that we face every day. Sometimes we also feel like failed some where in life. Bad grades on exams, divorce, didn’t finish school and so on so we start over when something bad happens to us. Starting over with something new and seeking new things. To be the best person we are meant to be in life. I feel like many of us at some point feel like we failed in some way and there is always hope and we get the chance to start over. This video is such an inspiration to start over and the message it conveys is awesome. When I think of starting over is telling myself to believe the impossible.

    -Karina Maldonado

  • Miguel Trujillo

    This video is inspiring to me because I live this everyday. I have been trying to start working out and get into better shape but it has been tough. Everyday I try to find an excuse to not go and my mind tells me to just stay home and watch tv. But I know that it is always better to get up and go run or lift or whatever other exercise I choose to do. This ad hits those points and makes it very personal for me and I’m sure many others as well

  • Adaias Bedoy

    I chose this clip because it goes straight to the point. Sometimes all you need is a few words of encouragement to keep going. I find it a lot easier to relate to clips like these of people just doing ordinary things than to elaborate speeches. I’m about to graduate from college in a few weeks so I can relate to the phrase where he says “you’re almost there.” I continuously tell myself that I just have to keep trying a little harder for just a while longer.

  • Savannah Mendoza

    I have chosen this video because I believe every sentence, every word and every breath that was put into the production of this video. This video motivates you by pushing you ro be better than you were. By talking you up this video motivates you by talking you down at the same time. It shows you how bad you have to want something. You have to succeed as bad as you want to breath and this video makes that known. You have to create your own time, situation and motivation, because if you dont nobody else is going to do it for you and this video makes that known. It takes no effort to be a loser, and this video makes that known. This video has so many inspirational phrases that make me want to get up and work out right now . Because the world does not beg average people to be phenomenal, a phenomenal person does not need to be begged. -Mike Vasquez