Friday, January 19th, 2018

CSU STAN KINS 1000 Spring 2015


Hello Class,

First, register for the website. Then, in the comments section below post a video clip that you find motivating. The clip does not have to be about sports. Make sure to include your name and a brief description of the reason why you chose the clip. I look forward to seeing your clips.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Class,

    Post your responses here with your video clip url. You do not have to post anything on Blackboard.

  • Amber Edling

    I chose this clip because I love how Nick Vujicic shows that you are more than your circumstances. It’s very easy to get stuck in the negative thoughts about yourself and your situations. Nick proves that there is so much more to be happy and thankful for. By switching your perspective, you can switch your life.

    Amber Edling

  • Maerryane Johnson

    I love Joel Osteen and all his videos but I chose to share this one because it is one of my favorites. His words have really stuck with me. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in telling my friends and family how great they are that I forget to recognize how great I am. Confidence is so important to have.

    Maerryane Johnson

  • mariam osman

    The first thing I thought of when you said inspirational was this clip. The speech is not only extremely inspirational, but also very realistic. We all go through tough times in life where we may think we are going to fail and not come back from the situation, but this clip is a nice kick that says you control the situations that life throws at you and you can do anything!

  • ariel gallegos

    ariel gallegos

    I liked this video because everything that the voice in the video was saying made you want to push yourself a little bit harder to achieve your goal. I also liked that throughout the entire video, they showed people pushing themselves whether it was getting out of bed to work out or to go running. Everyone in that video was inspirational.

  • mav9853

    Fredrick Diaz

    I choose this video because i believe it encompasses all facets of motivation. That we all fall short and fail at times but to understand it is on us to continue to be successful. Grabs inspiration from a variety of different places and careers. It discusses that the desire to be successful needs to out weight everything especially fear.

  • Sukhsharn Johal
    Sukhsharn Kaur Johal
    I chose this clip because it is inspiring. It motivates me to do well in college and to never ever give up on my dreams. We all want success. It all depends on how bad we want it. This clip shows me that we should not be afraid to fail. We have to fail in order to succeed. Success begins with us. This clip makes me want to push myself beyond my limits so that I can be successful. I will be successful despite how many times I have fallen. I will always get back up and fight stronger.

  • Ravi Gandhi

    Ravi Gandhi

    I picked this video because I believe a happy attitude and finding joy in small things brings about the best in people. The video is almost a comedy about how to find motivation in anything you can. Finding humor and happiness in the little things in our lives and keeping ourselves going just brings out the best in all of us.

  • Jessica Cantu
    Jessica Cantu
    I chose this clip because communication is vital in some many aspects of our lives. Whether it be at home with family, in a sexual relationship with a partner, or between teammates and a coach in sports strong communication can make all of the difference. I love how this coach is so inspirational. He does not have to say much to get his point across. He knows how to get through to his players through both his words and his body language. Communication in sports can make or break a game. When you feel inspired and encouraged, you flourish and thrive.

  • Lauren Arnerich

    The first 1:30 in this video is a definition of a motivational speech but throughout this video I find life lessons and motivational moments. The video itself motivates me. The lady featured intros film, Sherry Cervi, is one of the greatest barrel racers of all time and one of my favorite athletes to watch.

  • Rupinder Kaur

    Rupinder Kaur,
    I chose this video because it teaches you to believe on yourself. This video helps to face the reality. It shows how we all have people in our life who doesn’t want us to accomplish anything, so they always end up saying “No” to our ideas even they are the best, and we end up believing them instead of believing ourselves. This way we become less confident. Instead of believing others we should believe our self and try everything in life. There is nothing wrong with trying, either we will succeed or fail. If we succeed then great. If we failed, its OK to fail, fall down, and get up again, and learn something from it. It is better than not trying. This way we will be confident on ourselves and be successful in life.

  • Emma Duffy

    I first saw this video a couple of years ago, and it still makes me emotional watching it again today. The narrator is the Hip Hop Preacher Eric Thomas and it features athlete Giavanni Ruffin. The main message of this video that has stayed in my memory is that “you have to want success as bad as you want to breathe.” This video shows that you can’t blame anyone or anything for failures or setbacks in life, it is up to you to keep on moving forward and giving everything you have to your goals and dreams. All of us are in control of our own lives, and if we want to accomplish something we can.

    Emma Duffy

  • Miranda Hamm


    I find this clip motivating and empowering because many young women in today’s world struggle with self-confidence. In the media, we see photoshopped images of women which are just unrealistic. I think this video is powerful not only because of the message but because of who is saying it as well. These are powerful women in Hollywood, women that young girls look up to, and they are motivating us all to really love who we are and be who we are.

    Miranda Hamm

  • Haille
    When I think of motivational the first name that comes to mind is Amberley Snyder. she is an amazing example of how if you set your mind to it you can do any thing. After a car accident in 2010 the Utah state FFA president and two time high school rodeo all-around champion was left paralyzed from the waist down and told that she would not be able to ride again. She now is not only a motivational speaker but also a member of the Utah State Rodeo team competing in both barrel racing and breakaway roping.
    -Haille Margarite

  • Viridiana Arroyo

    When I thought of motivation, I thought about fitness. Right now I am trying to become fit and be healthy so I thought it would be interesting to look up a video about fitness motivation. This video mainly shows a person running and working out and voices in the background with motivational quotes. I thought it was interesting because of how much hard work it really is and how much work it takes just to keep up with yourself.

  • Crystal Guzman

    I came across this video and its a good inspirational video to good and always act in a selfless manner to others. in this video there is a young man who is always giving and helping others despite the looks he gets from elders or the judgment of bystanders. His intentions are good & pure and he doesn’t expect anything in return. A great clip to restore faith in humanity but above all to live a simple life in service of others. Hope you guys find the time to watch it too.
    -Crystal Guzman

  • Joseph Ferguson
    I found this video a few weeks ago and found it to be very inspirational. Its amazing to me that a kid with such a horrible disease can have such a positive attitude. Rather than dwelling on his disease, Johnathan remains positive and acts a vehicle of change for others that suffer from is disease. The few words that he says at the end are very touching and spoke to me. His words were simple, “I’m going to keep going.” If someone going through as much as Johnathan can live by those words, so can each and every one of us.

  • Haley Forsberg

    I chose this video because i think it pertains to a lot of things not only in my life but in everyones life. I suffered and injury and a sudden health problem that took me out of basketball forever. I was forced to give up my scholarship and my dreams. Even though i can’t play basketball anymore i still work hard and push myself in everything i do. I think it is important to remember not to give up and there is always something to work toward. Whether it is school, sports, or your career i think it is very important to give it your all. I love this video and the message it conveys. It is something we all need to remember for all aspects of our lives.

  • kenya roberson

    I chose this video because it was a nice reminder that sometimes it takes failing at something a time or two to finally achieve something you have worked very hard for. It reminded me to not give up on something I have passionate about just cause it may not have worked out the way I hoped for the first time around.

  • Benjamin Carnes

    Although I am not apart of any branch in the military, I really find this video uplifting. Motivation can be found in any aspect of life, you just have to apply yourself to it. I chose this video becasue it shows our brave soldiers throughout history fighting for what they believe in. Weather someone supports or is against war, war is a reality and these individuals chose to serve and protect. That idea right there gives me motivation because I am safe here in the United States because of someone else’s sacrifice. Many people in countries have to make millions of sacrifices daily. I have to opportunity to live a life I choose and this video helps me remember how lucky I am to live that life.

  • Tanvi Gandhi

    I think this video is really inspiring as well as motivating because it motivates us to make a change. It makes us realize that there’s more to the world than ourselves and that a small contribution can cause a big change in another person’s life. It also shows how money isn’t important and it motivates us to find happiness in little things, even if you don’t have a lot of money. That’s why i thought the video was motivating.

  • Karina Munoz

    I have always loved this speech. I remember watching this movie as a child and shouting “Goonies never say die!” whenever someone told me to give up on one of my crazy shenanigans. I believe the true motivation behind the speech lies in his belief and trust that they can succeed in their quest/goal as long as they stick together. It is important to remember that when we face difficult situations that cause us to struggle and contemplate defeat, we have people in our lives that will be there to support us and stop us from giving up on our dreams.

  • Karina Munoz

    I have always loved this speech. When I was a child I would shout “Goonies never say die!” whenever anyone would try to prevent me from following through with one of my shenanigans. I believe the true motivation in this video lies in his belief and trust that they can complete there quest/goal as long as they stick together. There are many situations in all our lives that cause us to contemplate defeat, however we need to learn from this video and continue pursing our goals. We need to remember that we don’t have to do everything alone and reaching out for support and motivation from those around us can make a difference.

  • Emmanuel Vargas

    This video has always been my favorite since one of my old professors
    showed it to the class. This young boy talks about doing something with
    your life other than doing nothing and being boring. He uses Micheal
    Jordan as an example of someone who didn’t quit and became who he is
    now. He uses poems and even song lyrics to explain how you should push
    yourself in believing you can accomplish something. It is our time to
    play in the same team as a society and do what’s good and create
    something that will make the world awesome.

  • Giovana

    This is probably one of my favorite clips not just because Kobe Bryant is one of my favorite players but because he shows what love for the game really looks like. This video shows determination at every stage of his career even when he tore his achilles and still went onto the court to shoot his free throws. This video motivates to be better in every aspect of my life because even when i think i did my best, there is always room for improvement.

    Giovana Treyes

  • Choa Vang

    I can give you a hundred clips about motivation. Every time I head to the gym I listen to motivational speeches to pump me up and get me ready and excited to lift. However, this one by far is my favorite motivational speech. Not only can you watch this video and apply to lifting and sports, but you can also apply it to your own dreams and goals. It talks about not giving up on your passion and dreams. This can especially be applied to school as well.

  • mary

    I never really watched a video that motivated me as much as this one. I always thought that I would find motivation from an experience or from a significant person in my life but this video is now my favorite. I plan on watching it every day just so I can have the motivation to get through anything that is stopping me from doing what I need to do to be successful and happy. It motivates us to make the sacrifice we must make to achieve our success and to never give up on our dreams.

    Mary Sada

  • Paige Jackson
    I chose this Motivational Video because it truly is up to you to make the difference in your life. There are going to be challenges, and conflict, because that is life, but it is up to us to move on and fight for what we deserve. I think this video makes strong powerful points which describe why making your dreams come true is important and also possible if you just believe in yourself and your ability. I think motivation in yourself is important in reaching your full potential

  • Maria Guzman

    Maria Guzman
    This is my motivational reason for one the pursuit of happiness is a great motivational example of what is like to get to where you want. There is going to be obstacles along the way to get to where you want to be its going to be a difficult journey but eventually you will get there if you work hard for it. For me it motivates me to further my education and succed in life lets me know that if you work hard you will eventually get there i know it won’t be easy but it helps me to understand and be patient to reach my goals.

  • Taylor C

    Taylor Callihan
    I chose this video because i remember watching it when i was young and a gymnast myself. This video features the first gymnast to receive a perfect 10 and my favorite gymnast. Gymnastics is such a huge part of my life and it has always kept me motivated to do better and go further, that is why this short clip is perfect!

  • Krystal
    I chose ths clip because it is so easy to see all of the bad in life. There is so much pain, sadness, cruelty, and many other horrible things in life. With all that in mind, it is hard to remember all the good in the world. This clip along with a few others is just a quick reminder of a few ways mankind is proving to be good. Our love and compassion is not all lost, and I think that is important to remember.

    Krystal Alnas

  • RC

    If you would like to know who my inspiration is for approaching how to hunt, how to be a bowhunter, how to be the “ultimate predator”, or how to approach life, it’s this man’s philosophy right here. One of the most inspirational messages I think of everyday is “Fear is a liar.” I take this message to heart and apply it to every aspect of my life. Cameron Hanes is someone I look up to and is my idol. He never quits and always commits all of his effort in everything he does. He is also just a very humbled individual. With greatness and glory, you must also be humbled. I’ve been following Cam for a couple of years now and he is my role model. I can hype him up forever, but the reason I chose this video, was because of the message. You train to hunt, you train for a marathon, you train to be better than you were the day before. It’s a philosophy on life that I believe everyone can be better from.

  • Luis Sanchez

    A setback is just a set up for a comeback. I chose this video because it shows how life can have ups and downs, and how to pull yourself up when you are at a low point. This applies to many aspects of life and not just sports. We have to keep going and not give up. Life can hit us with all it has but we cannot stop moving forward towards our goals. We have to do whatever it takes to win at life. You have to move on forward and never give up.

    Luis Sanchez

  • Armando Trujillo

    This video was chosen because it shows the hard work one person puts day in and day out. Also, he is my favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant. His mental toughness and the way he identifies frustration and pushes it aside and gets back to normal. The way he pushes himself beyond his limits physical and mentally. I have watched him since I was young and I think the toughest and saddest time was when he tore his Achilles and to get up
    and shoot two free throws on a torn Achilles showed to me his heart for the
    game. The dedication, love, and sacrifice this man puts to never give up and never quit in order to win is amazing. I also enjoyed the highlights as it shows how Kobe has grown and overcame pain through his career. Never lose belief, trust, and patience and those are words from the Vigorous Worker.

    – Armando Trujillo

  • Megan Holm

    Although this clip is not about working out, or an individual’s great achievements, I find it very relevant and inspirational in today’s society. I myself am guilty of hanging out with my friends and simply sitting on our phones while in the same room. I work with children, and everyday they ask to play on their devices instead of playing outside at the park. It’s sad to see these changes in the social aspect of society. This video instills in me the desire to put my phone away and be present with the people around me. I don’t want to miss any special moments because I’m too busy staring at a screen!

  • marisa rodriguez

    the reason I chose this clip was because I love this kid. he makes so many videos of motivational words and this one is my favorite. too see a child with such passion to help and encourage others at such a young age inspires to me be better. this video is awesome and I hope you enjoy it.

  • Brandi Sprenger

    This video is inspirational to me
    because I am a huge Disney fan and I feel much like they do in the
    beginning of the clip and I need to be told what they say throughout.
    Walt Disney is m hero because he had dreams and let nothing stop him,
    not people telling him his dreams were unrealistic, not people telling
    him he was no good, nothing stopped him. I want to be just like him,
    live my dreams regardless of those that do not believe in me, I simply
    need to learn to follow my dreams and live for me.

  • Eduardo Montes

    This video is about the late great Jim Valvano who coached North Carolina State University from improbable odds to win the 1983 NCAA Basketball Tournament. But he is also remembered by his empowering and emotional speech at the 1993 ESPY Awards when he had just been given eight weeks to live with bone cancer. He was so inspiring and influential not just in sports, but in the entire world. He showed strong mindset because he declared we must not give up, we must never give up. The three most incredible messages from his speech were that each day we must laugh, we must think and we must move our emotions into tears. If we laugh, think and cry, to him it was a heck of day.

  • Sareen

    Sareen Kumar

    I chose this video because I myself am a basketball player and through all my years, Kobe has been one of my biggest inspirations. He plays with broken figures and torn tendons without a single complaint. He truly is a great motivator for working hard for what you love. He inspires one to have strength no matter how hard you have to work to get to where you want to be. Kobe Bryant is my motivation even being retired.

  • Alejandro Nava

    I find this video very motivational because Christian has built a successful gym brand from scratch. He was a struggling college student that sometimes didn’t have money for food to becoming the owner of a popular gym and brand. He started in a small warehouse with about 20 people and now has a gym with over 200 members. He explains how succefull people make the most out of the same 24 hours every person has and sacrifices leizure time.