Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

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Before construction of this website, a thorough investigation was conducted in the area of elite sport leadership. We astutely examined a variety of credible resources pertaining to this area. These included: video press conferences, pre-or post-game interviews, award shows, public speaking engagements, scholarly research articles, videos, and coaching autobiographies. As a result, we came up with 10 leadership themes that are integral in building effective leaders at the elite sport level.

1.) Have a Vision

2.) Be Yourself

3.) Be Committed

4.) Be Open

5.) Be a Communicator

6.) Be a Teacher

7.) Be Passionate

8.) Build Togetherness

9.) Be Decisive

10.) Build Trust




Under the themes heading at the top of the home page, you will see all 10 leadership themes listed. To the right of each theme, there are 3 pages providing resources encompassing the particular theme. These 3 pages include: Video Clips, Coaching Science, and Impact Quotes.  The video clip examples are from a variety of successful elite sport leaders, past and present, who effectively illustrate the importance of a particular theme. The coaching science section consists of scholarly research articles or publications highlighting the importance of a particular theme. The impact quotes section provides inspirational leadership quotes and listed resources from prominent leaders both inside and outside of the sporting domain.

Categories / Archives

Under the categories section on the right side of the website, all 10 themes will be listed. Whenever a new post is submitted, it will immediately be categorized. The categories section is a way to organize new posts by the appropriate theme. In the categories section, you are able to post comments and find older posts. The archives section is another way to go back in time and look for an old post. Archives is organized by month or time period, whereas the category section is organized by theme.

Difference between pages and posts

Remember that posts are different than pages. The primary difference is that you are able to post comments on a post, whereas pages are static. Posts are dynamic and are a good way to network with other elite sport leaders. Pages are more informational with the our Top Lists. Who knows, you may have a suggested reading or video that may make our Top list. The theme pages at the top of the home page consist of the Top five videoclips, Top three key readings, and an assortment of impact quotes for that particular theme. Pages may change periodically if there is a better representation of that particular theme. This is a challenge to all you current and aspiring sport leaders out there!



New posts will be added regularly to the home page. Remember posts enable you to add comments. Using the comments section on each post, we encourage you to send us feedback as well as suggested readings or videos. We will constantly be updating this website as leadership is an evolving area of study. We would like to continue to add to our information library with as many posts as possible. We will always consider adding a link or video that you send us to one of our theme pages. We encourage you to build connections using our comment boxes and also our provided social networks such as You Tube, Email, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a learning community and we can all help each other grow as effective leaders. Thank you for joining our community!