Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Our Vision


 ELITE SPORT LEADERSHIP CENTRAL is a multi-faceted website designed for two specific reasons. First, we wish to provide valuable information and a variety of leadership perspectives to both current and aspiring leaders at the elite sport level. We define elite sport level as sport or athletic participation at the collegiate, professional, or Olympic levels and above. Second, we want to provide networking opportunities for professionals involved in elite sports such as coaches, players, and administrators. We hope our website can serve as a “platform” or “launching pad” for those of you who wish to become better leaders. Ultimately, our vision are to provide constantly updated information and resources containing examples on effective leadership as well as to connect sport professionals collaborately in building a community of sport leaders.


The purpose of this website is to create a web-based resource guide for leadership in elite team sports. The intent is to provide a comprehensive guide for individuals aspiring to obtain a leadership role or position in elite team sports in order to enhance their understanding of effective leadership. Our primary goal is NOT to provide a step-by-step leadership plan, but rather, to provide assistance in helping you formulate your own leadership philosophy.


Effective leadership is an important element in the world of elite team sports. People in leadership positions are constantly counted on for giving direction, handling situations, and making decisions. There is so much literature and opinion on this topic that it can be a bit overwhelming. This website attempts to ‘make sense’ of a vast array of literature on leadership in relation to elite team sports. Although there are many websites pertaining to sport leadership, none are specifically tailored to elite team sports. This website can help fill the gap in the understanding of elite sport leadership.